We understand things may change from year to year that could affect your financial aid status, whether this is loss in income or additional expenses, we may be able to help!

Special Circumstance (EFC) Appeal 

A financial aid administrator may adjust an individual family contribution if the administrator believes the family's financial circumstances warrant it. The financial aid administrator will not automatically make these adjustments, there must be valid, substantiated reasons for the adjustment. 

Some examples of situations which may qualify for an adjustment include: 

  • Loss or reduction in income 

  • Divorce, separation or death 

  • Private secondary education tuition payments 

  • Decrease in asset equity 

  • Other factors 

2022-2023 Forms (Fall 2022/Spring 2023/Summer 2023)

Please Note: If parent information is required on the FAFSA, a contribution adjustment can only be made to the parent(s) income and/or assets. If the change in financial situation applies to the dependent student's income/assets, contact a financial aid administrator to discuss possible options. 

Once all documentation/information is received, the normal processing time for a contribution adjustment is 15-30 working days. You'll receive an email notification to your MSU student email account if your awards are revised. 


Budget Appeal Form

Sometimes, despite careful planning of your academic year budget, unexpected expenses can occur. If you incur certain costs above your allowed financial aid budget, the Financial Aid Office may be able to add them to your budget and cover them with student loans, based on the availability of funds. On occasion, other types of funding may be available, including work-study and some grants. Please note that submitting a request for a budget increase does not guarantee additional funding.