meet-jade.jpgJade Erickstad had over four years of experience in higher education before she joined Mayville State University’s academic advising team over 3 years ago. 

Today, she is our Distance Education Coordinator on the Lake Region State College campus in Devils Lake.  Jade provides guidance and assistance to students across upper, central North Dakota, who are pursuing a variety of different majors through MSU.  In addition to her academic advisor responsibilities, Jade is also the UNIV 100 instructor, where she interacts 1:1 with freshman and distance learning students.  She and her family currently reside in Starkweather, ND.

Jade is extremely passionate about providing guidance to students and she truly appreciates being a part of their academic experience.  “I enjoy that every day is different.  I get to work with students from all walks of life, which I enjoy!  From Freshman to direct transfers from community colleges, to adult learners.”  Jade adding, “my students are awesome! Many of my students are parents and/or work full time.  I am so impressed by their abilities to manage their work, families, and school.”

When it comes to differences in the levels of support for online students versus students who are on campus, Jade said it’s mainly the communication.  “In my experience, my students have access to the same services that on-campus students have; the difference is the communication.  Rather than meeting 1:1; we are using email, skype, or the phone.” 

Mayville State University’s distance learning programs are truly unique compared to other universities.  “Not all online students have a regional office close to their home.  We have 2 offices across the state to be able to allow online/distance students the option of meeting with an MSU advisor face-to-face; without having to step foot on the Mayville campus.”

“Meet with an advisor to help answer your questions and give you your options!  Online learning is flexible, convenient, and affordable.”  Mayville State University has been recognized as one of the Most Affordable Online Universities in the nation by the Community for Accredited Online Schools and College Atlas.  Offering online degrees in Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education, Mathematics, and Special Education.  Your success is closer than you think at Mayville State University. 

If you would like to discuss your future at Mayville State University, feel free to contact Jade at 701-662-1587 or e-mail her at