Welcome to Mayville State University!

The Mayville State University Office of Extended Learning exists to assist students with all their distance and online education needs. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact the Mayville State Office of Extended Learning by calling 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34667 or emailing ExtendedLearning@mayvillestate.edu.

If you have changed your plans to attend for Summer 2019, please contact Shay Thorsgard at ExtendedLearning@mayvillestate.edu as soon as possible.

CRITICAL -- If you have not yet done so, claim your NDUS User Account (Campus Connection/student account). Until you claim your account you will not be able to access your class schedule in Campus Connection, student charges, classes in Blackboard, etc. Claim your account at: https://helpdesk.ndus.edu/ndusaccountClick here for instructions on claiming your Campus Connection User Account.

Summer 2019 classes start at different times depending on the course sections in which you have enrolled.  However, most classes begin Monday, May 20 at 9 a.m. (Central).    Please check your Campus Connection schedule for details specific to your courses. To access Campus Connection, go to www.mayvillestate.edu. Next, click on the "C" in the upper right corner, or "Campus Connection" in the lower right of the webpage.  If you do not know your Campus Connection username and/or password, call the Campus Connection Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387.


Use this new student checklist to make sure you have read through all the relevant materials, submitted the right forms, and are logged in and ready for the semester to begin! If you have any questions on getting started, please feel free to contact the Mayville State Office of Extended Learning at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34667.

Accessing Mayville State University Online Classes

Mayville State's classes are found in Blackboard Learn (Bb).  Classes will not be visible for students in Blackboard until the first day of classes. To ensure you are registered for the correct classes, please login and refer to your official class schedule in Campus Connection. 

Log into Blackboard at: https://online.mayvillestate.eduClick here for instructions on logging into your Mayville State Blackboard account.

If you have a problem accessing your courses on the first full day of classes or have any other technical questions, please contact the following Bb support specialists:

Blackboard Support Specialist

Instructional Designer

Alissa Perkins


701-788-4645 (phone)

Chris Gonnella



Give your Mayville State email and Blackboard login access a test run at least one week prior to the start of classes. Be sure you have the necessary technology to complete your online classes by using the list of requirements.


To purchase books and materials you may visit the MSU Bookstore website at www.mayvillestatebookstore.com.

Student Orientation

Please also take some time to practice Blackboard and learn about being a Mayville State University student in the Student Orientation course located in your list of courses within Blackboard.  This optional orientation is available beginning May 6, 2019, and will appear in your list of Blackboard courses.  It is not required and there is no cost associated with the Student Orientation.  However, students are encouraged to take some time to work through the orientation prior to the start of classes.

Please be sure to check your Mayville State University email account at least three to five times per week.  All official communication from university departments (financial aid, business office, etc.) and instructors goes to your MSU email.

Instructional Technology Support

Mayville State provides technical support and assistance with instructional technology.  For student help and information for Blackboard, see the Bb Student Support Center page.

Getting Started in PEXIP Student User Guide 

Getting Started in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Guide

Yuja Student Guide

Students taking online, synchronous classes need to ensure they are fully attentive to class activities while attending online class sessions.  Family members, children, pets, cell phones, and other distractions must be out of sight for class sessions.  Distractions for students and the instructor are not allowed. 

Degree Seeking Students

Continue to work with your advisor to process any course substitutions, if appropriate, for your program of study. Please review the Distance Student Handbook and "How Do I" handout for further information on getting started as a Mayville State online/distance student.

How do I get a student ID card?

To get a student ID card, send an email from your Mayville State email account to ExtendedLearning@mayvillestate.edu or call 701-788-4667.  Include your Student ID#, mailing address AND a recent ‘headshot’ picture.

Payment of Fees

Students are required to access their account information online through Campus Connection. To access Campus Connection, go to:  www.mayvillestate.edu. Then click on the "C" in the upper right hand corner or Campus Connection in the lower right hand corner.  If you do not know your Campus Connection username and/or password, call the Campus Connection Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387. Once you have logged in click on Campus Finances, then click on Account Summary by Term. The Balance for all Accounts is the amount due.  If you have financial aid, you can also view your Financial Aid Information and Award.  To setup a payment plan or if you have any questions regarding your financial account, please contact the MSU Business Office at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34757 as soon as possible.  

All Summer 2019 semester charges are due paid in full by May 29, 2019.

IMPORTANT--You will be responsible for total tuition and fees due, unless you take the steps necessary to officially drop classes by the established drop dates.  You MUST officially withdraw. Complete refunds (100%) for dropped classes are only available in the first day or so of the term.  After the 100% refund period, an individual class that is dropped will NOT receive a refund.  Total withdrawal from all Mayville State classes will follow the tuition refund schedule.  Please see a complete schedule of tuition refund dates on the Business Office webpage.  

Withdrawal and refund dates vary by the courses enrolled.  Please check your Campus Connection schedule for details specific to your courses.  For summer sessions, the 100% drop dates are very quick and you must pay very close attention to the drop dates for courses in Campus Connection.

Summer 2019 Important Withdrawal Dates:

Withdrawal and refund dates vary by the class enrolled.  Please check your Campus Connection schedule for details specific to your courses.

If you are enrolling or are enrolled in Summer 2019 courses, please note these important dates, as well as the complete schedule of tuition refund dates on the Business Office webpage.

 Summer 2019 sessions

Last day to register or add courses

Last day to drop  course without a record (“W”) at 100%

Last day to withdraw from course with “W”

8-week Session

May 24

May 24

June 25

10-week Session

May 25

May 25

July 6

1st 5 weeks Session

May 22 May 22 June 12

2nd 5 weeks Session

June 26

June 26

July 17

Dynamic Sessions

First Day of Class

First Day of Class

See Campus Connection



If you encounter problems adding or dropping, email records@mayvillestate.edu.  Courses can be dropped by submitting an email to records@mayvillestate.edu with your name, student ID, course and class number. 

For a complete withdrawal of all courses, contact Debra O’Brien at 1.800.437.4104 ext. 34842 or by email to debra.obrien@mayvillestate.edu.


If you are experiencing difficulties in a course (attendance concerns, low test scores or participation, in danger of failing, etc.), your instructor may send an email to your mayvillestate.edu email account through the Starfish system. The short message will tell you about any concerns and the next steps to take to resolve the issue. Your advisor, the Director of Student Success, and/or your instructor will work with you to create success strategies to address any difficulties you are having. In addition, if your instructor observes that you are doing well in their course, you may also receive “kudos” from them acknowledging your efforts. Please watch your email for Starfish updates and reply to your instructor, advisor, and Director of Student Success.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Extended Learning at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34667. 

 Reminder:  Online Tutoring with Smarthinking

smarthinking.gifMath Introductory Anatomy & Physiology Biology Chemistry
PhysicsFinance Accounting -- Spanish Writing

Available to you free of charge!

With SMARTHINKING, you can

▪ Connect With an estructor and interact with a live tutor.
▪ Schedule a Personal Session with an e‐structor of choice.
▪ Submit your Writing for any class to our Online Writing Lab.
▪ Submit a Question and receive a reply from a tutor.

To connect with a tutor through Blackboard, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Blackboard account
  2. Choose a class
  3. Open the Tools page of that class
  4. Click on Smarthinking


  1. Login to your Blackboard account
  2. Access the My MASU tab at the top of Blackboard
  3. Find the MaSU Important Links module and click on Smarthinking

Once you access Smarthinking, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of four options; Work with a tutor, Submit a Question, Submit a Writing, or Review Sessions and Submissions
  2. Once the choice is made you have three options: Drop in Session, Schedule a Session, or Ask a Question
  3. Choose a subject and work from there.

Note: If a course is highlighted blue, it is available to use.  If a course is highlighted white, it is unavailable to use.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Extended Learning at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34667.

Have a great semester online!

Misti Wuori
Director of Extended Learning
Mayville State University