Endowments ... Our Forever Funds

A gift to an endowment fund is added to the growing principal of the endowment and the interest on the fund is used to give out scholarships. The principle remains forever, generating annual scholarships. The more people donate gifts of any size to an endowment, the larger the fund grows and the more scholarships we can give out. Some of our alumni and friends like the idea of each of their gifts lasting forever. This is a very visionary gift!

The Named Family Endowment
You can also create your own family endowment and have a scholarship awarded in your family's name to a deserving student. For a named family endowment, the fund begins to produce an annual scholarship when it reaches $15,000. After that, it will generate a scholarship of up to 5% of the value of this fund a year.

The Named Faculty Endowment
Like the named student scholarship, you can also name a fund to endow the department chair or a faculty member at MSU. This endowment amount varies, depending on how much would be needed to fully fund a faculty member's salary. These are a major gift that permanently funds and preserves the good work of a faculty member or a department. Please consult with our director of development to determine the gift amount that would be needed and how this lifetime gift could be achieved. You can reach the director of development at 701-788-4787.

The General Operating Endowment
This endowment funds everything by funding the foundation staff and their operations which raise money for MSU. Each year an endowment gift is generated to support the bottom line of the foundation office. Any proceeds left over are unrestricted and can be used for scholarships, or wherever there is a special need as approved by the MSU Foundation executive board of directors.