Applying for Admission is Free!

The $35 application fee is being waived for all students who are looking to transfer from Presentation College. Contact our enrollment specialists to learn more.

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In-State Tuition Rate for eligible students

Mayville State will waive applicable out-of-state and international tuition and charge in-state North Dakota tuition rates for Presentation College students in good academic standing who are transitioning or transferring to Mayville State beginning in either the Summer or Fall  2023 terms. These rates apply provided students maintain continuous enrollment (fall and spring semesters) at Mayville State throughout their program(s) of study.

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Scholarships Available!

Mayville State is offering $2,000 scholarships for students who transfer from Presentation College and enroll at Mayville State University in the Fall Semester of 2023. Students must have a minimum 2.75 GPA. Scholarships are available for a limited time and are subject to availability. Contact our enrollment specialists to learn more.

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Teach Out Programs for Presentation College Students

The Mayville State degree programs listed below are approved as teach out programs for like programs at Presentation College:

Mayville offers many degree programs. Some primary ones to consider include:

Take a look at all Mayville State programs.

Transfer Out Program Course Articulations

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