Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is responsible for organizing and arranging campus tours, awarding academic scholarships, visiting high schools, community colleges, and college fairs, recruitment, developing and distributing marketing material, processing and determining admissions status for all students, transfer evaluations, and VA certification.

Location: Old Main 107
Phone: 701-788-4842
Fax: 701-788-4613
Text: 701-401-1324


For questions on the status of your application for admission, please email

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Jim Morowski photo

Jim Morowski
Director of Admissions
Office Location: Old Main 107C
Phone: 701-788-4619

Academic Coordinator - Football

Debi O'Brien photo

Debi O'Brien
Administrative Assistant
Office Location: Old Main 107
Phone: 701-788-4842

Mindy O'Connor photo

Mindy O'Connor
Admissions Coordinator
International Admissions Contact
Office Location: Old Main 107B
Phone: 701-788-4635

Austin Monson photo

Austin Monson
Admissions Recruiter
Office Location: Old Main 107F
Phone: 701-788-4612

Shannon Skovlund photo

Shannon Skovlund
Nursing Admissions & Administrative Coordinator
Office Location: Science Building 136A
Phone: 701-788-5289

Kati Nelson photo

Kati Nelson
Admissions Coordinator
Office Location: Old Main 107A
Phone: 701-788-4763

Andi Gayner photo

Andi Gayner
Admissions Recruiter
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Office Locations: Old Main 107A & Fieldhouse 125
Phone: 701-788-4644

Nina Melendo photo

Nina Melendo
Admissions Recruiter
Assistant Softball Coach
Office Locations: Old Main 107A & Fieldhouse
Phone: 701-788-4868


Office of Extended Learning

The Office of Extended Learning assists on campus and distance/online students with distance learning and online courses and programs. They also work with dual credit students (early entry students), collaborative students, non-degree seeking students, graduate students, and continuing education students.

Location: Old Main 104
Phone: 701-788-4667
Fax: 701-788-4656


Misti Wuori
Director of Extended Learning
Phone: 701-788-4631

Shay Thorsgard photo

Shay Thorsgard
Administrative Office Coordinator
Phone: 701-788-4667
Text: 701-401-3277

Connie Kaldor
Online Academic Advisor & Recruiter
Phone: 701-788-4721
Text: 701-401-5791

Jade Erickstad photo  

Jade Erickstad
Distance Education Program Coordinator - LRSC site
Phone: 701-662-1587
Text: 701-401-1546

Julie St. Germaine photo

Julie St. Germaine
Distance Education Program Coordinator - WSC site
Phone: 701-774-6234
Text: 701-401-5652

Chris Gonnella
Instructional Designer
Phone: 701-788-4709

Alissa Perkins
Distance Programs Support Specialist
Phone: 701-788-4645

Alyson Beckman photo

Alyson Beckman
Online Enrollment Coordinator & Online Academic Advisor
Phone: 701-788-4632
Text: 701-401-1592