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Limited tutoring services are free and available to students who seek assistance in learning material for their courses. The tutors are upper-class students who have been recommended by faculty as experts in specific subject matter.

Peer tutors are available in a variety of courses during study sessions and by appointment. Peer tutoring focuses on helping students develop the problem-solving and analytical skills needed to understand, synthesize or apply complex material.

The Tutor List will change from semester to semester. To schedule time with a tutor email Katie Richards at Katie.Richards.2@mayvillestate.edu.

Online Tutoring

Smart Thinking, an on-demand online tutoring program, is now available free of charge to students. You can access a live tutor by logging into your Moodle course and clicking on the Smart Thinking icon located in the upper left hand corner. From there, you will follow the user friendly instructions to have access to 5 hours of free assistance.

Online tutoring isĀ available via Skype and other means with academic tutors. There are several ways tutors and students can connect online:

  • Blackboard IM is an instant messenger program available for student and teacher use. The advantages to this program are:
    • You're automatically populated into your classes with your peers, instructors and tutors.
    • Communication is possible via text, audio, video or whiteboard.
    • The whiteboard feature allows sharing of graphics and is flexible enough to use for math, chemistry or English.
    • Work on the whiteboard may be saved as a graphic image (jpg, pdf).
    • It is possible to share desktops with another person(s) to work on a common problem.
  • Wimba Classroom: This is a way your teacher may hold virtual class from time to time. It has all the advantages of Wimba Pronto but the audio/visual may be saved by the instructor for later viewing. Pronto Overview Tutorial
  • Moodle Chat Rooms: Your instructor may have a chatroom set up for your class. If not, you may make arrangements with the tutor (or others in your class) to meet in Academic Support's Moodle Chatroom.
  • The Forums on your Moodle classroom page are useful as your tutors are able to access them.
  • Send a message via the Moodle Participants link on your class site.
  • Email is easy. Just click on the tutor's name to get a direct link to their email.
  • Instant Messenger Programs such as Windows Live or Yahoo have text, audio, visual and even some whiteboard capabilities.
  • Skype allows for face-to-face communication. For information on using Skype, please contact Katie Judisch.

For additional information, contact Katie Richards at 701-788-4675 or Katie.Richards.2@mayvillestate.edu.