EIC Activities

EIC Activities

  • Curriculum Supplements – MSU STEM has supplemental STEM curricular kits and technology tools available for checkout through the Kit Keeper system in collaboration with the Byrnes Quanbeck Library. There are presently 300 kits available to area schools as well as community members. K-12 teachers throughout the state of ND borrow the kits for their classrooms.

  • STEM Carnival – stations designed and supervised by MSU Teacher Education Candidates and external groups, highlighting various STEM concepts and activities for children of all ages

  • STEM College for Kids – In partnership with the MSU Teacher Education Program, MSU Teacher Education Candidates complete a one-week summer practicum experience where they lead STEM-focused classrooms for children entering kindergarten through 3rd grade

  • Educational Engineering Institute - a Mathematics and Science Partnerships professional learning program aimed at increasing K-12 teachers’ content knowledge in engineering and STEM concepts, while placing an emphasis on the engineering design process and project-based learning

  • STARLAB Portable Planetarium Classroom Visits

  • Curriculum for STEM Kits written by area teachers

  • Teacher Grade Subject/Level Meetings

  • MLK Day Regional Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

  • Nature Trail/Rainbow Garden Field Experience with area schools

  • PD for both In-service area teachers as well as MSU Teacher Candidates including Kayla Delzer (Flexible Seating) , State Historical Society, StarLAB and Whale Training, Sphero Training, BreakoutBox Training, PLT/Wet/Habitats Workshop,  Daily 5 training, Google Training, Kit Keeper Lesson Plan Writing, Teacher Time,  and many other professional development opportunities

  • 4H STEM Challenges

  • Supporting and providing In-service teachers with the opportunity for on campus learning: symposiums, near space balloon launch, Oyler Schools and Poverty etc.

  • School visits for collaboration as well as going into the classrooms to teach K-12 Students innovative concepts.

  • Providing Resources for both in service teachers as well as MSU Teacher Candidates.