Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteers in the Classroom

One of the most important jobs in Early Head Start and Head Start is the classroom volunteer. It's great when parents spend time volunteering in their child's classroom. A regular volunteer is a person who volunteers a minimum of 10 hours per month at the center.

Here are the volunteer guidelines:

1. The Site Supervisors will provide a basic volunteer training to all adults who regularly volunteer in the classroom.

2. Volunteers are responsible to the classroom teacher, care teacher or home visitor.

3. The teacher, care teacher or home visitor will determine job responsibilities and duties of each classroom volunteer.

4. Volunteers are not responsible for disciplining the children. Any situation which requires discipline of a child must be brought to the attention of the classroom teacher, care teacher or home visitor immediately.

5. "What you see and hear at our programs – let it stay here." Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

6. Remember to sign your "Inkind" volunteer sheet posted in or near each classroom.

7. Volunteers who are in the classroom more than 10 hours per month will need to be screened for TB.

8. All regular volunteers will be required to complete a background check to ensure safety of all children.