The reseach-based curriculum used at MSU CDP is based on the Creative Curriculum and the Head Start Philosophy/Performance Standards. The two ideas basically state children learn through the exploration of their environments, with social/emotional development as the more important as it effects all other developmental growth. All teachers use Teaching Strategies/GOLD, an assessment tool, to ensure all children are meeting the age appropriate objectives for development and learning. Ongoing assessments are done quarterly to monitor the growth in all enrolled children.

Every enrolled child will be screened by their child's teacher with in the first 45 days of enrollment. The tool used is dependent on the enrolled child's age: Brigance (ages 3-5) and ASQ-3 (ages 0-3).

All classroom follow a daily schedule and have weekly lesson plans to ensure children are getting the routine and structure they need for kindergarten readiness.


Prenatal Services:

The program offers services to pregnant women and expectant families.  A home visitor will meet with the family a minimum of one time each month.  The purpose of the visit is to provide information, resources and support related to pregnancy and planning for the new baby .  The program also works with the parent (s) to decide which program (home-base or center-base) option will best meet the needs for the new child and family.

Below are some of the forms which are needed when enrolled in the Early Head Start Pre-natal program. They are here for the conviencence of the enrolled families.

Well-Baby Check (PDF): Wellbabycheck.PDF

Health Screenings:

All children enrolled in Head Start/Early Head Start must have a physical and dental exam within 90 days of enrollment.  Your child will also be screened, by our nursing staff, for hearing and vision within the 45 days of the program year.  The height and weight measurements will be taken two times during the school year.  If any problems appear, the Health Coordinators will contact you.  If needed, a referral may be made to a special service agency. 

We have 2 LPN’s on staff to assist with any Health questions that may come up during the working day with staff or children.  The nurses monitor all screenings to ensure that each child is up to date and that there are no concerns with the child.  Immunizations are also monitored, we are able to connect with our ND database and look to see that our children are current on immunizations. 

Below are some of the forms which are needed by families who are currently enrolled in the Head Start/Early Head Start program at the time of enrollment and throughout the year. They are here for the conviencence of these enrolled families.

Physical Form (PDF): Physical_Record.PDF

Dental Form (PDF): Dental_Record.pdf

Medication Authorization Form (PDF): Medication_Authorization_Form.PDF

Delay/Decline Form (PDF): DelayorDeclinationofHealthServicesxHLTH.pdf

Family Services

Our Family Services Coordinators provide assistance to families in our program by providing information on a variety of topics, making referrals to other agencies for services, and providing support to families.  The Family Services Coordinators are licensed social workers who have years of experience working with families and children.  Our program also collaborates with UND to provide mental health services to families and children enrolled in our program.