Enrollment in the Program


Eligibility for the Head Start and Early Head Start is based on the family’s income and the child’s age. Family need is taken into consideration when selection is made, so if you are facing crisis or unmet family’s needs, please indicate this on the application or by attaching a separate letter informing the Enrollment Coordinator of your family’s situation.

Applicants for the child care program are added to the waitlist as first come first serve. When selection is made for an opening in a classroom, the next age eligible is chosen according to their application date. Families who have children currently enrolled in the program are given priority over other applicants.

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Mayville State University Child Development Programs, first you need to complete the application process. The application process is explained within a letter included in the applications below:

Child Care Application (PDF): CCApplicationPortfoilo.ERSEA.112713_ATS.pdf

The Child Care application is for all sites. Please indicate in the appropriate area, which site you wish to apply for child care services at.

Head Start/Early Head Start Application (PDF): HS-EHSApplicationPortfolio.ERSEA.112713_ATS.pdf

The Head Start/Early Head Start application is for all site except Grand Forks Early Head Start, which has it's own application below. Please indicate in the appropriate area, which site you wich to apply for HS/EHS services at.

Grand Forks Early Head Start ONLY Application (PDF): GFApplicationPortfolio.ERSEA.112713_ATS.pdf

The Grand Forks EHS application is for applying at the Grand Forks Early Head Start only. Please indicate if you prefer center-based or home-based.