“On Demand” Housing Assignment

The housing application fee of $30 and a housing first payment of $150 are added together for a charge of $180. You’re being asked to pay that amount today. The first is an application fee, the second – a prepayment – is applied to your housing cost in the fall and is refundable if you cancel by July 31, 2019.

Students who cannot pay the $150 First Housing Payment may apply for housing can reduce that first payment to $80 (yes, $100 less). Change the amount when you get to the payment screen. 


change the dollar figure in this box /


Students who pay this lesser amount will not get an assignment until they arrive on campus, and the amount is non-refundable. These students may be placed in a “temporary” assignment, such that they may have to move once a permanent location is identified. It’s also possible we’ll assign on-demand assignments into over-capacity spaces (a third bed in a room where normally there would be two people only; or a room that is usually a lounge will temporarily have beds and students assigned).

It is not our goal to turn anyone away, but it is also our goal to meet the obligations to students who have reserved a room. Know always it is our goal work with you, and we’ll be happy to help you succeed at Mayville State. We’re trying to balance out who is coming and who has changed their minds. (And we do know that usually all of this is resolved in three or four days, tops.)

We look forward to serving you!

. . . . . .

Again, here's what you need to do if you want to reduce the $150 pre-payment to a $50 non-refundable first payment: when the application you’re completing takes you to the payment page, you can change the amount ($180) to a new amount ($80). This triggers to us we should not confirm a room for you until you are in Mayville and ready to accept keys.

The additional $100 doesn't change the final, total amount of the room. We will charge you for the full fall price, once you’re assigned. You will pay no more or no less for your room, you just won’t know your room if you go down this path. If you have questions, please ask: student.life@mayvillestate.edu