Apply for campus housing today.

Students interested in applying can do so by accessing their Housing Portal. To apply for housing, you need: 

......(1) your "Campus Connection" username and password, and

......(2) you need to have been admitted to Mayville State. 

      (if you don't see the 'fall semester' or whichever term application you're interested in, it
      usually means you've not yet been admitted for that term.)

Throughout your college career at Mayville, you will use this site for the semesters you live on campus, and (even longer, maybe) the semesters you buy a meal plan.

How do I get into the Housing Portal? 

For most students, it'll be pretty easy. For others, there is a weird, weird obstacle. So hopefully you're in the first group: 


However, some students will get a message indicating they are not authorized to access the portal. Open and follow these directions.

Once you're in the portal, use the "hamburger" menu to find "Applications" and then the term-specific "2022-2023 Housing Housing." Don't apply for spring 2022 housing unless you really mean you are on your way here this week. 


See video about accessing housing application 

See video about selecting your roommate.

Info about Applying for Housing --

Students requesting a housing assignment will be required to pay $150 today. You will pay a nonrefundable $30 application fee and you will pay a "First Housing Payment" of $120. You will pay that amount at the time of application. 

Students who decide to go to a different college, or don't live in the residence halls: you can get the $120 back by canceling your contract. The deadline for the refund is August 3, and you can re-enter the Housing Portal to register your cancellation. (You can also send an email to As a reminder, the request for refund will go through your University account, so if you owe money for something else, that gets paid before a refund occurs. You can also tell us to apply that money to your tuition for the next semester or for bookstore funds, or other charges. 

Students who do attend Mayville and live in the residence halls: that $120 is applied to your housing charges. You'll see that occur in Campus Connection. 

Students who are requesting housing beginning August 2022

The application for Fall 2022 will be available approximately January 12, 2022. (as of January 13, we still haven't gotten the 'all clear" from the vendor. We're working on it.) While in the past we often 'turned on' the application earlier, we didn't this year because we received a software upgrade over the holiday break. Once it's open, you can complete the application and indicate preference for room sign up. Instructions for incoming students will and room sign up will come out later. The room sign up process will be all online; a student or his/her roommate (or one person of a four-person suite-request) can sign up for the other people in the suite).  

In fact there are two priority concepts for new students: who applied and paid first (by date); and who has properly indicated a full suite, who has properly indicated a full room, and who hasn't (by complete request status). (I promise! this all works out). 

Finally, we call this the "application" site and that's true starting out, but really your Housing Portal is a site you will come back throughout your time at Mayville State. In the site, you can see who your roommate (will be), see your assignment, change your meal plan, see your charges, submit a work order for your room, and more!)

So now, on to the application: