Your success at Mayville State starts in the residence halls. Sharing in our close campus community is the foundation for living on your own and being an active part of the larger community. It provides a chance to find out who you are, to start setting a few of your own rules, and to really make a home for yourself.

Perks of Campus Living Include:

Dependable Staff

Each hall is home to adult and student staff members who are available to all residents, any hour of the day. They're here to offer advice, help you find needed resources, or simply if you want someone to talk to.


Safety and security is a number-one priority for all of our halls and apartments, and you (and your parents) can rest comfortably knowing there are campus life staff of security and residence hall staff keeping an eye on things.

No Hidden Costs

When you live on campus, everything is covered by your housing plan – utilities, Internet access, cable TV – it's all included in our housing rates.

Special Events

Living on campus is a great way to meet people and, in the case of our group discussions, a way to lead change on campus. Campus residents also have the opportunity to take part in all sorts of RHA (Residence Hall Association) campus life events.

Better Grades

Research has proven that students who live on campus earn a higher GPA than students who live off-campus. Why? They're more likely to be involved, and that's what college is all about.


When you live on campus, you're close to class, the library, the dining center and all other campus resources. It's just easier to get around.

No Commuting

Parking is free for all residence hall students. Free. Plus, you get a guaranteed parking space, so you're saving time as well as money.

Residence Halls open for the 2021-22 school year at 11:00 am on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

(Early Arrival: Members of Sports Teams or other Student Organization may have an early-arrival date that is scheduled by the coach or advisor of the group with the Student Life office. Students who are not a part of this arrangement can request and pay to arrive one day early. Go to the housing portal and complete the early arrival application.)

Housing Agreement for 2021-22

It's your home and

YOU make the difference.

Welcome to the Mayville State University residence hall page. Each of the three halls that make up on-campus housing possesses an individual personality, just like the students who live there. Each hall not only provides residential housing, but also strives to make a difference in the lives of the students in which it serves. Students have the opportunity to extend their classroom experience by participating in an array of recreational, social and educational activities. Add to the quality of your time at MSU by choosing to live in one of our contemporary living-learning centers.

Two traditional residence halls (large double rooms and community bathroom design) and our newly renovated apartment and suite complex provide coeducational on-campus housing for approximately 260 students. All rooms are furnished. Residence halls also have recreational, laundry and kitchen facilities.

Housing Application

The housing application is completed online. (Additional information here.) New and returning students requesting a housing assignment will be required to pay an application fee and a first housing payment. The application fee is not be refundable, but the first-housing-payment for the fall semester is refundable. 



Students residing in University Housing must provide vaccination documentation per NDUS Policy 506.1. See  http://www.mayvillestate.edu/index.php/download_file/view/371/197/171/

Students who live in a residence hall are required to take part in an approved board plan. Information about meal plans will be posted soon. Students may purchase meal plans even if they live off campus. Use the "housing application" link above, and select "Dining Plan" from the tab menu. 

Residence Life