Diversity Committee 2022-2023

Amy Fuglestad, Transitions Coordinator

Dr. Brian Van Horn, President (Ex Officio)

Dr. Brian Huschle, Vice-President for Academic Affairs (Ex Officio)

Dr. Brittany Hagen, Division of Education, CAEP Accreditation Coordinator

Ezera Wuori, Student

Alejandra Zuniga, Student

Dr. Janell Juelich, Division of Nursing

Heather Hoyt, Director of Admissions and Academic Records

Jake Litecky, Athletics 

James Morowski, Enrollment Center Assistant Director

Taylor Simon, Division of Science & Mathematics

Misti Wuori, Enrollment Center Director and co-Interim Dean of Students

Dr. Lynn DiLivio, Division of Liberal Arts

Rhonda Nelson, Division of Business