By: Zach Foster

The Mayville State Comets boys’ basketball team had a national tournament game on March 7thin Sioux Falls, SD. There was a fan bus open for students, and any fan in the community to watch the game and show support to the team.

Thanks to the Mayville State Alumni, the bus was free for the students and $20 for other fans who wanted to take the trip to supports the Comets. After the game, the bus took the fans to the Blue Rock Bar & Grill for an alumni and friends post-game social. This took pace before the bus made the trip back to Mayville.

The support the Comets boys’ basketball team had from its fans meant a great deal to them. 

“The fact that people rode a bus for that long of a trip to come see us play encouraged us to play even harder.” Junior on the basketball team Max Cooper stated. “the fans are what brings the intensity we get to play. Looking into the crowd and seeing all the blue was a great feeling.”

“I really enjoyed the support from everyone who came.” Cooper stated. “the thought of people making the way out to watch us play showed us how much support people really have for the team.”

Fans cheered in support of the boys’ basketball team throughout the trip to Sioux Falls. Everyone was decked out in Comet gear ready to support the team through their journey in the national tournament. 

“it’s awesome we had the opportunity to ride this buy and go watch the boys play.” Haley Anderson, member of the girls’ basketball team stated. “we get so much support from the guys I’m glad we got to do the same for them in their national tournament game.”

“I know the boys appreciate all the support we give them while playing.” Alissa Foster member of the girls’ basketball team stated. “Being able to be there while they played their big game was a big deal. I love when our team gets support from the fans, so I know how good it made them feel.” 

“The idea of the fan bus is a good one.” Foster stated. “I really enjoy the opportunity to go support any athletic team, especially on the road.”

Mayville State putting this fan bus together gave Comet basketball fans a chance to witness a national tournament game in person. It allowed fans to support their local college team. 

With Mayville State using these tactics to get fans to travel to away games, it brings together the student and members of the community to come together and cheer on their friends, neighbors, and peers who play sports. 

With the number of fans who were interested on riding this bus, it’s no doubt the school will continue putting things like this on allowing anyone to come and support the athletic teams in their games. 

Congratulations to the Mayville State Comets boys’ basketball team for what they have accomplished and good luck to them in the future!

Go Comets!