Meal Plans

Mayville State provides meals in the Cafeteria, located in the Campus Center. Our students having enough to eat is a critical concern for us. A student who uses their dining meals instead of going out to eat will spend less money than one who doesn't.

2024-2025 Mayville State University Meal Plans

Standard Meal Plan (assigned to all students who live on campus)*

15 Meals per Week

250 Meals over the Full Semester


Meal Plans Designed for Off-Campus Students*

6 Meals per Week

100 Meals over the Full Semester


11 Meals per Week

185 Meals over the Full Semester


Additional Meals to Upgrade from Standard Plan*

19 Meals per Week

300 Meals over the Full Semester


*Additional meal plans available depending on student need.


Click into the housing portal to select your plan.
(☆ Indicate your choice to have meal swipe or points added to your dining account in the housing portal.)



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Points are optional purchase, pre-purchased dollars used in the snack bar for breakfast items (less than a full breakfast meal) or for lunch items. Points can also be used to purchase a lunch/dinner/weekend meal in the cafeteria. 

Points are not included in the standard meal plan, but students or employees can add points to their cards in the housing portal in increments of $100. You can request as many dollars as you want. Anyone wanting to add points should enter the housing portal to make this request.  

One view of points is they are just available for use at the snack bar. Typical points purchases are usually one or two items - costing $4 to $6 for most people, or when applied to a substantial meals similar to a meal at a burger or other counter-service eatery.

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Expiration of Dining Plan Swipes & Points

All unused Dining Plan swipes will expire at the end of each semester. Unused points that are part of the default meal plan will expire at the end of each semester. Optional/additional points purchased in the fall but unused in the fall will be carried over from fall to spring, but will expire at the end of the spring semester.

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Students who seek an accommodation - such as a meal plan with fewer meals than the default ten meals per week or a complete exemption from the meal plan - will want to use the link in the housing portal to apply for this accommodation. Contact Student Life if you have questions. 

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What is a meal?

Breakfast Meal: A Comet Slam (meat, eggs, potatoes, bread) and a bottled beverage. Some substitution and alternatives are available. The breakfast meal is available 7:30 a.m. to approximately 10:30 a.m. in the snack bar.

Lunch Meal: A daily menu will be available in the cafeteria. A typical lunch option in the cafeteria will include brunch/breakfast foods, a sandwich meal (think hot, like meatball sandwiches or fish, etc.), and access to the soup and salad bars and fountain drinks included with your swipe. There are lots of options and you can return for more.

Dinner Meal: Generally, a choice of homestyle foods - casseroles, hotdish, roast, and starches, salads and soups, fountain drinks. Additional helpings are offered.

Weekend Meals: Lunch will be a choice of brunch or lunch-type foods. Dinner will be a homestyle food menu, and depending on the weekend, service will occur in the dining room or the snack bar.

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Comet Cash on Your ID Card

Different than a meal plan, Comet Cash is 'regular' money that is transferred onto your ID card. Students wanting to charge Comet Cash onto their student account can do so in the housing portal until the sixth day of class, or they can add funds to their card with a credit or debit card purchase. While Comet Cash is more flexible, it can be used at the Bookstore, as well as Dining Services. Sales tax is collected when you use it. Comet Cash does not expire from your card at the end of the semester or school year, the way that Dining Plan dollars will.