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MSU Foundation Charitable Giving Impact Report

The 2016-2017 Charitable Giving Impact Report for MSU Alumni and Friends highlights the activities for the MSU Foundation during the 2016-2017 fiscal year. This has been a record-setting year! With the help of alumni and friends, the foundation set a record in its efforts to help students. Ever dollar donated furthers our goal of changing lives - helping students pursuing the dream of an education. Scholarships are they key to reducing the cost of higher education and post-college indebtedness.

This year our fundraising success reached new heights - thanks to the support of the annual fund drive. This vital effort fuels the foundation's day-to-day work. Without it, the foundation could not exist. More than 475 alumni and friends contributed more than $100,000 to our annual fund drive events and appeals. In turn, that fuel powered the foundation's fundraising efforts to raise a total of $2,884,433, the biggest fundraising year in the foundation's history! 

That means that for every dollar given to the annual fund drive, we were able to raise $27.62 toward scholarships, program assistance, and other needs for the university.

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