Thank you for considering a pledge to this endowment fund for future MSU students. 50% of the total of your gift pledge is matched by the state of North Dakota with a 50% match! For example, if you pledge $100 per year over five years, $500 would be matched and MSU would receive a $250 match this year! Pledges can be up to seven years in length and this form is used to present your pledge to the state of North Dakota for your match. Please fill it out completely. Pledge only the number of years between two and seven with which you feel comfortable.

NOTE: If you're making a gift of $5,000 or more this year to this endowment, and you pay North Dakota state income tax, your gift will qualify for the North Dakota Endowment Income Tax Credit of 40% of your gift amount. For example, a gift of $5,000 would qualify for a 40% tax credit of $2,000, plus you are eligible for a federal tax deducation for this gift as well. With state income tax credit and federal deducation, the average out-of-pocket cost for a $5,000 gift is $1,600! If you have questions on tax credits, etc., please don't hesitate to call John Klocke at 701-788-4787. Thank you again for making the pledge. Just fill out the form below and click submit.