Introducing the Comet Cave Campaign


It's been a long time coming, but the day is now here! Mayville State University Men's Basketball finally has its very own locker room, their own "Comet Cave!" There is an opportunity for you, a former player and fan, to be part-owner of this cave of camaraderie! We are going to transform this old locker room into a royal courtyard for Men's Basketball. With your support, we can not only transform the cave, but you can be a part of history forever, putting your name on the finished product!

Increasing our Comet players' "net" pride


As you can see in the color sketch, this locker room facility will be something to be proud of and something students will enjoy. We know that facilities matter to students and this project, which we estimate will cost $25,000, will create a positive environment and a place to call home for our Comets men's basketball team. We hope to achieve this campaign goal by September1 and complete this facelift for our team by game time this fall. We invite every former player and fan to be a part of this project in a special way by adding your name ot the Comet Cave for posterity!

surpass_goal-web.jpgFind your place on the team!


The Comet Cave Campaign will offer a place for everyone who wants to put their name permanently on the finished product. With 33 lockers, comfy furniture, locker benches, big screen TV, and special signage, there is a place for every alum and friend. And when the campaign is complete, all will be invited for a special dedication party. So pick the level at which you would like to give, fill out the gift form, and send it in with your check or credit card info. Or click here to make your gift securely online now. Choose one of the giving levels and make a one-time gift or a gift by credit card over two years. For your convenience, you can also make your gift by credit card over the phone by calling Michelle at 701-788-4687.

Giving Levels for The Comet Cave Campaign


Center - $10,000 Level

The donor at this level will have his or her name on a special photo plaque outside the door leading into the Comet Cave. For example, "The John Jones Family Comet Cave" or "Comet Cave in Memory of John Jones." The plaque will name the room and offer a laser engraved photo or logo for an individual, family, or business. There will be only one plaque at this level.

TV_view-web.jpgPoint Guards - $5,000 Level

Two donors at this level will have their names displayed prominently on each end of a special sign/banner that runs across the center of the room over the large screen TV. For example, "John Jones and Family in Memory of John Jones" or "In Honor of the '59 Comet Basketball Team." These two are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Shooting Guards - $1,000 Level

Up to ten donors at this level will have their names displayed on a special plaque next to the large screen TV.

Power Forwards - $500 Level

Up to 15 donors at this level will have their names etched on special plaques attached to the cabinet and furniture pieces purchased for the Comet Cave.

locker_view-web.jpgComet Cave Club - $250 Level

Up to 33 donors at this level will have their names etched on special permanent plaques, one donor for each of 33 lockers. For example, "John Jones is a proud lifetime sponsor of this locker for all Comets."

Benchers Club - $100 Level

Up to 99 donors will have their names etched onto a small plaque attached to one of the sides of each Comet locker bench.

Cave Dwellers - $75 Level

Up to 30 donors will have their gift go toward the purchase of a large screen TV for the players to watch team film or just simply to watch and relax after a game. A special plaque at the base of the TV will list the names of all who have contributed at this level.