The Shirley Berg family is very excited to see turf at Jerome Berg Field. Said Shirley, “Artificial turf would be a great improvement to the athletic facilities at Mayville State. In this day and age of competitive athletics, students are drawn to schools who take pride in their facilities. Having artificial turf would be outstanding! I, and our entire family, would encourage everyone to consider supporting this project for Mayville State. I know my late husband, Jerome, would have been very excited to have the best for Mayville students.”

Here are the key benefits of the turf football field:

  • It will help recruit more local players who will play on this field for high school games.
  • It will save $55,400 a year in field maintenance costs.
  • Every athlete brings $62,000 a year of economic impact to Mayville-Portland, and a full football roster (120 students) represents $7.44 million in economic impact!
  • 120 football players also represent nearly $1 million in tuition and room and board revenue to keep MSU and our community strong.

Additional funding needed

Another $30,000 is needed to complete fundraising goals. To be a part of supporting the project please make your donation today. The football turf gift roster is a virtual "who's who" of Mayville State athletes, fans, faculty and staff, alumni, and the community. Get your name on the roster and help accelerate the construction process.

Click here to make a gift now.

Click here to see the Legacy of Leadership Turf Campaign team roster.

More information

For more information about the project, contact MSU Foundation Executive Director John Klocke at john.j.klocke@mayvillestate.edu or 701-788-4787.