M.Ed. Special Education Track Plan of Study

The Special Education track plan of study will be available for currently licensed teachers in Elementary Education or Secondary Education. There is a requirement for secondary-level educators to add a reading and elementary math methods course to the plan of study. 

The Special Education track (34 semester hour credits) will include courses that will prepare teachers to seek licensure in Special Education and provide them with the professional knowledge and skills to practice safely, ethically, and effectively with a multi-categorical population of students with special needs.   

The Special Education track consists of 34 SH credits with 14 courses aligned to CEC Standards all unique to the requirements for obtaining strategist licensure. 

M.Ed. Special Education meets the need of developing leadership to design and shape services for students with special needs on campuses or districts with a limited number of teachers who are licensed in special education.  A graduate from the M.Ed. Special Education track at Mayville State University will be ready to apply for special education licensure added to their current teaching licensures and will be able to assist with the leadership of current special education teachers and paraprofessionals. Graduates may obtain roles such as Special Education Coordinator. 

Graduate students are responsible for understanding the licensure laws and requirements in the state that they are licensed for any additional courses required. 

M.Ed. Special Education Core (34 SH Credits) 

EDUC 589       Foundations of Special Education (3 SH Credits)
EDUC 593       Inclusive Classroom (2 SH Credits)
SPED 530       Behavioral Strategies/Students w/Disabilities (3 SH Credits)
SPED 569       Action Research (2 SH Credits)
SPED 582       Intellectual Disabilities (3 SH Credits)
SPED 583       Intellectual Disabilities Practicum (2 SH Credits)
SPED 584       Emotional Disturbances (3 SH Credits)
SPED 585       Emotional Disturbances Practicum (2 SH Credits)
SPED 586       Learning Disabilities (3 SH Credits)
SPED 587       Learning Disabilities Practicum (2 SH Credits)
SPED 590       Transitions (2 SH Credits)
SPED 595       Capstone Project (1 SH Credit)
SPED 596       Assessment of Students with Disabilities (3 SH Credits)
SPED 598       Special Education Law and Ethics (3 SH Credits)

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Special Education Track Course Descriptions

Total of 34 SH credits

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Please contact the Division of Education for further information or to ask program admission questions: education@mayvillestate.edu, 701-788-4710.