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Introduction to ACUE

Mayville State University is excited to offer our faculty a professional development opportunity as part of our commitment to instructional excellence and student success. Through a partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), Academic Affairs and Title III, we are able to offer 30 faculty members the opportunity to enroll in ACUE’s course, Effective Online Teaching Practices.

This 25-week course prepares faculty in evidence-based teaching practices proven through independently-validated research to improve student achievement and close equity gaps. Faculty who complete the course earn a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction, the only college teaching credential endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). This course is delivered fully online through a cohort of your Mayville State colleagues and is professionally facilitated by Chris Gonnella and Jeni Peterson, Instructional Coaches for the Title III grant.

The course addresses all of the core competencies defined in ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework© and is organized into five major areas of practice:

  • Designing an Effective Course
  • Establishing a Productive Learning Environment
  • Using Active Learning Strategies
  • Promoting Higher Order Thinking
  • Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning

The ACUE curriculum is appropriate for all faculty who teach, and in any discipline.

ACUE Certificate Requirements

The Effective Online Teaching Practices course has 25 modules chunked into groups of three to six module blocks. See the attached example schedule for details.

Each module has the following structure: Engage, Listen, Watch & Learn, Deepen Thinking, Practice & Reflect, Close Strong.

Course Preview: You may view an ACUE course preview.  A Course Launch session in early fall will also walk through the entire first module.

Faculty who agree to participate will be expected to complete all 25 modules. Some leeway with schedules will be allowed, including extension to Summer 2021, if necessary. Certificates will not be awarded unless all 25 modules are successfully completed.

Access to course materials will continue for one year after the course completion date (the completion date is still under negotiation).

Time Commitment

The program begins Fall 2020 and concludes Spring 2021:

  1. Optional Information Sessions: Wednesday, August 12 at 10:00 am and Thursday, August 13 at 1:00 pm. Location TBA. 
  2. Attend the Course Launch – 90 minutes of prep and 90 minutes of Zoom time to launch the course in early fall.
  3. Weekly Asynchronous Modules - One module per week with a commitment of 2 to 3 hours per module. See the attached draft schedule for details.
  4. Optional Synchronous Summary Sessions – Four one-hour summary sessions for each of the four blocks held by facilitators.


Seat Reservations

Seats have been reserved for each Division, however, if divisions choose not to fill all reserved seats, seats can be reallocated to another division. Division Chairs should use the criteria listed below the table to identify potential nominees. Final decision on seat allocations will be made by Title III committee members. Note: We are allowed 33 designated seats to account for unforeseeable situations. If needed, a waiting list will be established.

Reserved Seats Table.png


Chairs should consider who to recommend in order of the priorities listed below:

  • Priority 1: Full-time faculty members teaching ES or ASC courses online who are on Performance Improvement Plans or who need additional support for quality online course delivery.
  • Priority 2: Full-time faculty members teaching ES or ASC courses online
  • Priority 3: Full-time faculty members teaching predominantly online
  • Priority 4: Full-time faculty members with limited online teaching
  • Priority 5: Part-time, adjunct and teaching staff members teaching ES or ASC courses online
  • Priority 6: Part-time, adjunct and teaching staff members teaching online

Division Chairs, please complete the ACUE Nomination Form by Friday, July 10 to indicate individuals that fall under the above categories (NOTE: You will need to use the version of the email address to login). If seats are available after these individuals are chosen, please choose instructors who would like to earn preferential access to Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) on campus (a process for earning priority access to ALCs is being drafted this summer by the Title III Activity 1 subcommittee).

Faculty Application and Incentives

  • Application: If you are interested in applying for a seat in the course, please be sure to discuss it with your Division Chair and complete the application. Please submit the application by Monday, July 20. Thank you.
  • Incentives for Faculty:
    1. Stipend of $700 received at fall semester end following completion of all fall semester course activities.
    2. Stipend of $700 received at spring semester end following completion of all spring semester course activities.
    3. Preferential use of Active Learning Classrooms on campus (details to follow in the near future)
    4. Effective Online Teaching Certification as recognized by ACE. This will be an accomplishment worthy of your CVs and Goal Sheets.
  • Faculty Testimonial Videos 

Roll Out Schedule

  • Nominations by Chairs due Friday, July 10
  • Faculty application for participation due on Monday, July 20
  • The ACUE Committee will send acceptance letters to faculty on Friday, August 7
  • Beth Swenson will be asked to provide a public relations announcement, online and in the newspaper, about the investment Mayville State is making in its faculty members and its faculty members are investing in themselves and their students. The article may include names of participants if possible and will be published after acceptance letters are distributed.
  • Information sessions will be offered prior to launch date Wednesday, August 12 at 10:00 am and Thursday, August 13 at 1:00 pm via Zoom and on-campus (details TBA). One of the sessions will be recorded.
  • Course will be launched on Friday, August 28
  • See drafted course schedule for remaining dates

Internal Support for the Program

  • MSU Course Facilitation – Chris Gonnella and Jeni Peterson
    1. Both will be taking the course simultaneously with faculty
    2. Chris and Jeni will provide optional, synchronous, facilitated discussion opportunities for each block of modules.
    3. Share ideas, answer questions and steer course-takers toward successful implementation of strategies.
    4. Provide Information sessions
    5. Course Launch - Review first module with ACUE academic director and facilitators 
  • Public Relations announcement with participant names
  • Faculty incentives as listed above

For more information about ACUE:

  1. Go to the Introducing Effective Online Teaching Practices page and watch the video
  2. Go to the Effective Practice Framework page
  3. Go to the Certificates page
  4. Go to the ACE-ACUE Collaboration page
  5. Go to the Impact page
  6. Go to the ACUE Stories page 

What happens once I am accepted?

You will receive a welcome package from the MSU-ACUE course facilitators.