Instructional Design

Instructional Strategies Infographic

Marzano's 9 Effective Instructional Strategies

Teaching and Learning Resources

This page offers instructional design resources for instructors on topics such as technology in teaching, teaching adults, how to promote critical thinking in your classes.

MaSU Syllabus Template 2019-2020 Final

The syllabus template is a guide for the development of all syllabi. Some items are required for all courses, some are only required for online courses. Please download and use as a template or a reference when building your syllabi. This year's version is 100% accessible. Please contact Chris Gonnella with questions.

FERPA Course Grouping Release Form

This release form is used to obtain permission from students in different class sections to group courses in Blackboard. Instructors must have signatures from every person in all class sections involved. The forms will be held by the Division Chairs. It is the instructor's responsibility to notify a Blackboard Administrator that the courses should be grouped.


Online Course Development

All online course development documents, including the Agreement, the Planning Form and the Online Course Development rubric.

Teaching and Technology Tips

Teaching and technology tips available for download.


Workshops, Webinars and Brown bags. See this page for a calendar of events for each semester, documentation from events and evaluation forms.