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Mini-Grant Award

Excellence in teaching and learning, enhanced by a deep commitment to our own brand of personal service, is the heart and soul of MSU.

Previous and Current Mini-Grant Award List

Mini-Grant Month Presentation Schedule

The Goal

The goal of the Advancing Education at MSU program is to promote ongoing improvement of academic quality by supporting and rewarding innovation that results in new relationships, research, and learning experiences. The mini-grant is a mechanism to provide support to MSU employees who would like to experiment with creating instructional resources or training materials, implementing instructional strategies, equipment, collaboration, and so on. Please see below for specifics.

Funding Details

  • Pool of $5,000 from Extended Learning
  • All faculty and staff are invited to apply
  • $1,000 max per person per project (may apply in groups). These funds are reserved for purchasing equipment, resources, or other expenses other than time invested
  • Stipends that pay for applicant time invested (rather than equipment or resources) may be requested for up to $500 per person

Examples of the types of projects we will fund (you are not limited to these ideas):

  1. Upgrades of furniture and equipment in classrooms (limit one classroom per division).
    • Upgrades could be to equip a room with audio / video recording devices
    • Upgrades could also provide an active learning space for students
  2. Student salaries for short term or intermittent projects that need a workforce
  3. Faculty and/or staff book studies. Preparation time could be compensated through a stipend
  4. Develop or participate in online training sessions for faculty, staff or students
  5. Create resources and training materials to improve academic quality
  6. Develop or participate in webinars
  7. Expenses for shadowing and/or collaborating with individuals at other institutions
  8. Implementation of new technologies in online and on-campus classes
  9. Software purchases (must be approved by CIO)
  10. Further instructors’ skills in pedagogy at the university level

We will not fund conferences or travel.

Important Dates

September 23 

 2021-2022 Mini-Grant Announced

October 25 

 Applications submitted by this date will be given priority consideration; however, we will accept applications after this date as well.

 by November 1 

 Award notices are disseminated

December 17 

 Project updates due -award winners will select March date options to present 

February 21 

 Project presentation plans

Spring 2022 

 Projects must be complete, and results presented. See below for options.

Application Process

download the application button.png

  1. Complete the Mini-Grant Application and submit in Blackboard (see details below) by Monday, October 25, 2021 Applications submitted by this date will be given priority consideration; however, we will accept applications after this date as well. Remember, this is a competitive process.
  2. The Mini-Grant Committee will review applications together and choose awardees. Committee members may request clarification and/or specific changes to the proposal.
  3. Applicants will be notified of award status by Monday, November 1, 2021, at the latest; earlier if possible.
  4. Project update forms will be sent with award notices and will be due by Friday, December 17, 2021. You will be asked to provide a few dates and times in March for your presentation time.
  5. Project presentation plans will be due by Monday, February 21, 2022. These plans will be reviewed by the committee.
  6. Project presentations will occur during the month of March 2022.

Project Update and Review

A brief Project Update Form will be sent to you along with the Award Notice. Reviews of mini-grant work will be conducted by Instructional Design in consultation with other Mini-Grant Committee members as needed. Reviews will be based on the information provided in the proposal and will be conducted when the Project Update is submitted and prior to presentation in Spring 2022.

Project Presentations

Funded applicants will be required to present their findings in March 2022 during Mini-Grant Month. Options for presentations include, but are not limited to, brown bags, webinars, posters, and other recorded presentations. 

Submit application in Blackboard

To get to the course in Blackboard, go the Community tab, then My Organizations and then Apply for the Mini-Grant. On the Course Menu, click Step 2: Submit the App and submit the application in the Mini-Grant Application Dropbox. if you cannot locate the course, notify Chris Gonnella at