On January 4, 2022, the Blackboard landing page will have a new look and feel with easier navigation. The new, streamlined look offers modern, intuitive navigation that provides easy access to important course information across all courses.

This change is part of the transition to Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation for all campuses within the North Dakota University System.

Get quick access to critical information such as activities, due dates, messages, and grades for all of your courses using an easy-to-navigate menu.

On January 4, 2022, Blackboard will be unavailable for a period of time as the system changes are made to transition to Ultra Base Navigation. We do not know the exact time frame but will post it as soon as we know.

When Blackboard becomes available, you will see the new landing page and navigation as soon as you log into Blackboard. Here is a sneak peek of what the Blackboard landing page will look like starting January 4th 2022.

UBN Home page.png 

UBN Menu w Course Menu.png

Courses, settings and other content open an overlay, with the page you started from covered up by the course page. Close the overlay and you are back where you started and ready for your next task.

  • Institution Page - View important news from your institution and access helpful information and resources.
  • Activity Stream– A customizable view of activity in all your courses.
  • Courses- Links to access your past, current and future courses will now be located here, with the ability to filter/sort for a cleaner look and feel. There will be a similar option to access organization sites.
  • Calendar - The global calendar displays events and dates from multiple courses in one location. All due dates and meetings instructors create in their courses appear automatically on the calendar. 
  • Messages- On the Messages page, you can send and receive messages for all your Blackboard courses.  Note: This is different from the Send Announcement or Send Email feature and does not include an email copy. 
  • Grades - Instructors see a summary for each course and can begin grading from this page. Students see a list of recent grades and their overall grades for each course.

  • November 10 - Nursing Division
  • November 15 - Education Division
  • December 6 - Liberal Arts Division

  • December 7: 9:30 am Heritage Room and Zoom
  • December 8: 12:00 pm Library Quiet Room and Zoom
  • December 9: 1:00 pm Heritage Room and Zoom


Staff Strategies - December 14: 10 am Library Quiet Room 

September 29 - November 2  - NDUS will make Ultra Base Navigation available in the Blackboard Test environment. The Blackboard administrators for each campus will have access to customize the new Institution page in the Test environment.  CTL will test functionality and share their findings with NDUS and other campuses.

November 4 - Blackboard Day in Bismarck - Blackboard Administrators will meet with CTS to discuss transition

November 9-12 NDUS will make Ultra Base Navigation available in the Blackboard Stage environment.  The Blackboard administrators for each campus will have access to customize the Institution page in the Stage environment to prepare to move to the production environment on January 4th.

November 15 - CTL will begin meeting with Divisions to provide overview of UBN.

November 23 – Deadline for testing of timing for transition

November 15-29 - CTL will begin preparing and deploying mobile app campaign to notify campus that all users of mobile apps should uninstall and reinstall. Launch campaign Nov 29.

December 1 -31 - Reminders and training sessions will be offered.

January 4 - AM- NDUS will apply the Ultra Base Navigation upgrade to Blackboard. The system will be unavailable for a period of time while the Bb admins from each campus customizes their new landing page and completes branding. 

January 4 - After customizations are complete, Bb will be available with the new Institution page.