Summer.jpgThrough their marvelous creativity and hard work, sixty-seven extraordinarily talented and gracious table designer/hosts and hostesses amazed their guests at “Tables du Jour” 2013. The Mayville State University Luckasen Room was a paradise for the senses Saturday morning, April 20 as weeks and months of planning and preparation came to life for the nearly 275 men and women in attendance.

The transformation of the Luckasen Room began Thursday morning, April 18, as table designers began their decorating frenzy, filling the room with dishes, table linens, chair décor, floral arrangements, snowmen, bunnies, sparkles, feathers, balloons, photographs, and treasures of all kinds.

By Friday evening, April 19, all was ready, and a preview, revealing a room filled with 34 lavishly decorated tables, was held from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Nearly 100 people were able to enjoy a taste of what was to come in the big “Tables du Jour” event that would be held the next day. Refreshments were served and musical entertainment was provided by Dee vonRuden of Mayville. Mallory Angen of Mayville won the door prize, a garden ornament that had been donated by Brudvik Law Office of Mayville. Coordinated by Sheryl Vinje and Jackee Lerol of Portland, N.D., and Faye Helm of Mayville, the preview event was a great success, and the $10-per-person admission charge contributed greatly to the event purpose of providing funding for the music department at Mayville State University.

For the ninth year, Kim Lauf and Shireen Grinager of Mayville organized “Tables du Jour” which is held annually to raise funds for the music department at Mayville State University. As the organizers promised, attendees were treated to a morning of fun, great food, and creative table themes.  

Each of the 34 tables featured in the spectacular occasion was decorated with its own special theme. Some tables were entertaining, others were elegant, some were sentimental or awakened memories, and still others just plain made a person smile or even giggle. Year after year, table designers raise the bar higher and higher. This year, there was even a hot air balloon incorporated into the table theme of “Around the World ‘LaBallon.’”

Hosts and hostesses were charged with coming up with a theme and decorating a table, providing everything from the table linens, dishes, and silverware to the many “extras” that made each table special, including party favors. The table designers were also responsible for selling the $25 admission tickets to a total of eight people, including themselves, who would attend the event and enjoy having brunch at their tables.

Table themes and designers included the following: “Putting on the Glitz” by Shireen Grinager, Mayville, N.D.; “Edible Garden” by Kim Lauf, Mayville; “Tea at the Downton Abbey” by Kim Lauf, Mayville; “Around the World ‘LaBallon’” by Donna Olson; “Daisies Won’t Tell” by Donna Olson, Mayville; “Sparkletini” by Barb Kram, Langdon, N.D., and Donna Olson; “Everything That Glitters” by Marlys Hlavinka, Elaine Aune, and Winona Stroble, all of Mayville; “Double Cousins! Double the Fun!” by Mary Iverson, Mayville; “Beatrix Potter” by Joan Osland, Ruth vanWechel, Char Lee, and Sue Strand of Mayville and Pam Carlson of Portland, N.D.; “Chirp” by Laura Brudvik of West Fargo, N.D. and Jayme Trenbeath of East Grand Forks, Minn.; “The Gallery Café” by Rebecca Gunderson of Portland; “Breath of Fresh Air” by Renae Sobolik, Doreen Nelson, and Debbie Hagen of Mayville and Peggy Schultz of Fargo, N.D.; “Tables Gone Wild” by Allison Johnson and Lacie Brueckner of Mayville; “Looney Bin” by Judy Semmens and Pat Osland of Mayville and Becky Melhus and Diane Johnson of Portland; “Keep On Truckin’, Jack!” by Sarah Batesel of Portland and Margit Eastman, Marge Fugleberg, Shannon Hofer, Betty Karaim, and Kelly Kornkven of Mayville; “A Spot of Tea” by Sheri Hettervig of Mayville and Gaylene Johnson of Cummings, N.D.; “The Ring Neck Queens” by Jackie Kuhle and Heidi Krivarchka of Mayville; “Ruffle a Few Feathers” by Sandy Braaten of Mayville; “All Mixed Up!” by Rhonda Nelson and Mandi Domier of Portland; “Christmas Brunch” by Marilyn Holman of Mayville and Bertha Sand of Galesburg, N.D.; “Gilligan’s Island” by Kelly Morrison and Bob Kozojed of Mayville; “’Sno Joke” by Greta Paschke and Audrey Paschke of Mayville; “He or She, What Will It Be?” by The First & Farmers Bank of Mayville and Portland; “Zebra Sophisti-kicks” by Pat Nordine of Reynolds, N.D., Mary Lenhart of Jamestown, N.D., and Brittany Stevenson of Portland; “Crazy Kitty - Hello!” by Pat Nording of Reynolds, Mary Lenhart of Jamestown, and Brittany Stevenson of Portland; “Just My Type” by Molly Lenaburg of Portland; “Pretty in Pink Garden Party” by Bonnie Enger and Tammy Volla of Mayville and Brenda Chandler of Portland; “L’été à Provence” by Kathy Hase and Kaliann Behrens of Champlain, Minn.; “Not Your Grandmother’s China” by Susan Cordahl of Mayville, Angie Davis of Portland, and Tina Leslie of Mayville; “Meet Me at Tiffany’s” by Jacque Moore of Mayville; Jill Carter of Reiles Acres, N.D., and Stephanie Winterquist of Argusville, N.D.; “Butterfly Kisses and Flower Petal Wishes” by Cleone Whelan of Crystal, N.D. and Mary Ellen Kirking of Cavalier, N.D.; “A Donut a Day … The Soholt Way!!” by Pam Soholt of Mayville; “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” by Suzy Groth of Mayville and Tanya Strand of Portland; and “Who Gives a Hoot!” by Jackie Kuhle and Kim Kuhle of Mayville.

Gary Hagen and Mike Bakken of Mayville, and Paul Batesel of Portland, outfitted in their finest, served as greeters and hosts throughout the morning.

Activities included about an hour of viewing the amazing tables and a silent auction. Betsy Ewen and Bonnie O’Keefe of Mayville and Gaylene Johnson, Cummings, coordinated the silent auction event. They gathered about 140 fabulous items on which to bid. Many of the items had been donated by table designers, as well as others.

Mayville State music students were able to experience the event and see first-hand the source of much of the funding for music department scholarships. The students helped to serve the brunch which was catered by Christine Holweger. Fabulous desserts and beverages were provided by table designers.

All guests were invited to register for a door prize, a decorative garden bird bath. Charlotte Lee of Mayville was the winner. The door prize was donated by Jackie Kuhle of Countryside Creations.

While figures are still being tabulated, about $14,000 was taken in as a result of “Tables du Jour” 2013. This total includes more than $5,800 generated in the silent auction. After expenses are deducted, the net amount raised will be distributed for use by the music department at Mayville State University. The funds will be available for scholarships or other various needs of the department.

The date for the 2014 Mayville State University “Tables du Jour” has been set for Saturday, April 26. If you are interested in serving as a table designer for this, please contact Kim Lauf (701-788-4271) or Shireen Grinager (701-788-2494).