Ten Mayville State University students were named students of the year during the annual Academic and Student Senate Awards Program held Saturday, May 4, 2013. The annual program provides a time when students who have excelled in academics and leadership are honored.

Through the Student of the Year Award, the Mayville State University Student Senate annually honors those students who have made significant contributions to Mayville State by their involvement and participation in a variety of activities and organizations. Students may be nominated by faculty, staff, or fellow students. After completing a brief data form, each nominated student is interviewed by members of the Student Affairs Committee and final selections are made by that committee.

This year’s Student of the Year Award winners are Elizabeth Cakebread, Shelly, Minn.; Eric Domier, Mayville, N.D.; Phil Dukart, Killdeer, N.D.; Jay Dyck, Calgary, AB; Kelsey Herter, Detroit Lakes, Minn.; Patricia Lopez, Clarissa, Minn.; Amber Montag, Finley, N.D.; Todd Olson, Grand Forks, N.D.; Thomas Smette, Granville, N.D.; and Nisa Rajput, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Elizabeth Cakebread is a senior at Mayville State who is pursuing majors in mathematics education and chemistry education. She is a member of Science Club, Music Club, Campus Crusade, Student Education Association, Student Activities Council, Residence Hall Association, Peer Leaders, and Alpha Phi Sigma. She also participates in the concert choir, concert band, and MSU Theatre activities. Her parents are Ron and Julie Cakebread.

Eric Domier graduated from Mayville State after the spring semester, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. As a student, he participated in Collegiate DECA, concert band, stage band, and Student Senate. In addition, he served as a member of the MSU Curriculum Committee in 2011-2012. Lowell and Deb Domier are his parents.

Philip Dukart is Mayville State senior pursuing a major in business administration. He has been active on campus as a member and officer of Newman Club and Collegiate DECA. Philip has received Academic All-American (2011, 2012) and Academic All-Conference (2010, 2011, 2012) honors in football. His parents are Don and Jeanie Dukart.

Jay Dyck earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration in December of 2012. His campus activities included participation in Collegiate DECA and the Larson Leadership Program. He was a journalist with the student newspaper as well. He received Academic All-American and Academic All-Conference honors as a member of the Comets football team. Jay’s parents are Pat and Dan Dyck.

Kelsey Herter graduated this spring with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. While on campus, Kelsey was a member of the Student Senate, Science Club, Music Club, Student Education Association, and Residence Hall Association. She also participated in the concert band and stage band, and was a resident assistant in the residence halls. Kelsey is the daughter of Dawn and Sonny Chase and Joe and Erin Herter.

Patricia Lopez is a sophomore at Mayville State University who is majoring in English education. She participates in Student Senate, Science Club, Student Education Association, MSU Theater, Student Ambassadors, Peer Leaders, and Music Club. She is also student editor of the university’s student newspaper. Off campus, Patricia is a student member of the North Dakota Higher Education Consortium on Substance Abuse and Prevention, vice chair of the Student Affairs Council of the North Dakota Student Association, and president-elect of the Student North Dakota Education Association. She is the daughter of Deanna Clark.

Amber Montag is a sophomore who is pursuing a degree in business administration. She is active on campus as a member of Peer Leaders, Student Ambassadors, Collegiate DECA, Campus Crusade, and HPER Club. Amber has been a student leader for multiple campus events. She is the daughter of Leon and Pam Montag.

Todd Olson completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the conclusion of the fall semester of 2012. As a student, he was active on campus as a member and officer of the Business Administration Club and Collegiate DECA. A varsity football player, Todd earned Academic All-Conference honors in 2010, 2011, 2012, and Academic All-American honors in 2011-2012. He is the son of Mike and Nanci Olson.

Nisa Rajput is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in psychology. She is a Peer Leader, Student Senator, and Student Ambassador. She is an award-winning member of Collegiate DECA, and vice president of the Multicultural Club. She also sings in the MSU Concert Choir. Rajan and Veena Rajput are her parents.

Thomas Smette is a senior majoring in mathematics education. He is president of the Mayville State Student Senate and participates in the North Dakota Student Association, Drama Club, Music Club, Student Education Council, and Student Activities Council, as well as concert choir, concert band, stage band, and MSU Theater. Jason and Nancy Smette are his parents.

Other nominees for the Mayville State University Student of the Year Award in 2013 were Andrew Berge, Larimore, N.D.; Wes Bernier, Anchorage, Alaska; Christian Berry, Mayville, N.D.; Alyssa Demars, Cavalier, N.D.; Tim Erickson, Roseau, Minn.; Laura Ewert, Devils Lake, N.D.; Miranda Frovarp, Grand Forks, N.D.; Shantel Helmer, Hannaford, N.D.; Betty Hurst, Hatton, N.D.; Kody Keysor, Bottineau, N.D.; Mitch Lacher, Christine, N.D.; Maggie Maroney, Halstad, Minn.; Shelby Mullivan, Beulah, N.D.; Nicole Schwanke, Dilworth, Minn.; Thomas Skadeland, Portland, N.D.; and Kelsey Tretter, East Grand Forks, Minn.