The English, Performing Arts and Communication Divisions Spotlight: Hannah Lemer

Hannah Lemer.jpegMeet Hannah Lemer, a soon-to-be double major business administration and English graduate of Mayville State University (MSU). When I spoke recently with her about her experiences as a student at MSU, I quite often heard her use the word ‘love.’

As major in English, Hannah loves the English discipline. She loves to read, and she loves to write. She might even like to write a novel one day. Hannah says, “I get my love for English from my mom who is an English teacher. We read a lot of the same genres from historical fiction to dystopian novels to auto/biographies.”

Her second major in business administration also supports her love for English. Even though Hannah loves reading, creative writing, and the English discipline, she says, “it would be hard to get an [English] job that wasn’t in education.” Her degree in business administration helps with that. She says, “Having a business side in my major makes me more marketable.”

Hannah highly values the ways her business administration and English degrees complement each other. During her time at MSU, Hannah has seen how these degrees in the humanities and business disciplines support each other. She has especially experienced this through her work as a writing consultant at the MSU Writing Center, and her writing for Voices of the Valley. Both opportunities haveprovided her real-life opportunities to do the things she really loves; communicating with others, writing with different styles, and reaching larger audiences.

When it comes to Hannah’s work at the MSU Writing Center, once again the word that defines her experience is ‘love.’ Hannah says, “I love seeing students get better with their writing. Writing is all about confidence, and I help some students find that. It is amazing how helping someone and watching them grow as writers makes me so happy. I gain fulfillment from it by knowing that what they learn in the WC can help them throughout their college career.”

Regarding the future, Hannah says she would love to get a career where she could use her writing skills. She feels her double major from MSU has prepared her well for a future doing the things she loves. And all those who were privileged to teach her here at MSU wholeheartedly agree.

Written by Dr. Carolyn D. Baker, Professor of English