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These members of the Mayville State women’s basketball team helped community members Neil and Kathy Lerfald with a moving project Monday, Sept. 25. Pictured from left to right are Alex Page, a junior from Grand Forks, N.D.; Erin Walker, a graduate student from Beulah, ND.; Kayla Rocholl, a senior from Underwood, Minn.; and Claire Blascziek, assistant women’s basketball coach.

October 1, 2023

When Mayville-Portland community member and longtime Mayville State supporter Neil Lerfald mentioned to Claire Blascziek, Mayville State University assistant women’s basketball coach, that he was looking for some help with moving his mother-in-law’s belongings to a new home, Claire quickly stepped up to help. In no time at all, Coach Blascziek had three Mayville State women’s basketball players lined up to help.

Blascziek, Alex Page, Kayla Rocholl, and Erin Walker were very willing. They had no class schedule conflicts and were excited to participate in the move. For a few hours on Monday, Sept. 25, the crew helped with moving furniture and other belongings from Portland to Mayville. Jeff Heywood’s well-known statement, “Many hands make light work,” certainly applied in this situation, as it does in so many other instances when Mayville State students and student athletes offer their assistance to members of the community.

“These girls were great,” said Kathy Lerfald, Neil’s wife. “They worked hard, and we all had so much fun while doing it. We are very grateful for their help and the opportunity to get to know them.”

When asked, nearly all Mayville State students cite the community as a major contributor to their happiness at Mayville State University. They enjoy being greeted in the community and seeing the community members cheering for them at their games. It is not surprising that they want to reciprocate those acts of kindness.

Reflecting on the day, Coach Blascziek said, “I think we should all try to help in the community as much as we can, giving back to the people who support us. Whenever someone needs a helping hand, we would want to do everything we can for them!”