danielle erickson.pngFebruary 13, 2024

Mayville State faculty mentors set the example Danielle Erickson follows as an inspirational college professor

Mayville State alumna Danielle (Garrett) Erickson is following the example set by her Mayville State professors as she follows in their footsteps as a college faculty member. She is an associate professor in the Allied Dental Education Department at North Dakota State College of Science. Danielle uses her Mayville State education and experiences to help her students further their education.

“I love being able to educate, motivate, and challenge the students of today,” said Erickson. “I hope I am able to inspire students in a way that my educators at MSU inspired me. My goal is to encourage all students to be lifelong learners.”

Danielle had Associate of Science degrees in liberal arts and dental hygiene and was working at Goose River Dental in Mayville in 2000 when she decided to continue her education and earn a bachelor’s degree at Mayville State.

Because most of her general education courses transferred in, she was able to focus on her program courses in biology while continuing to work and provide for her family. She loved the flexibility and potential for growth that Mayville State provided. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2003, earning a major in biology and minor in psychology.

Danielle says her interactions with Mayville State faculty were very positive. “Dr. Robert Kruger (now retired) was the primary biology faculty member at that time, and probably had the most influence over my education. He had such enthusiasm for the course material and always encouraged time management. I learned so much more than just course content in his classes. I learned life skills.”

Other Mayville State educators who had an impact on Danielle’s education were current faculty members Dr. Robert Miess and Dr. Tom Gonnella. “They both inspired and challenged me in ways that I valued when I was a student, and now as an educator myself. Overall, every single educator I interacted with at Mayville State left me with admiration and appreciation for their dedication and commitment to education, to students, and to the university.”

While at Mayville State, Danielle says she was able to meet and interact with some wonderful people, not only faculty and staff, but also fellow students, many of whom she now calls dear friends.

“Many of the students I met while at MSU have gone on to successful careers where they have used their biology degrees to become physicians, veterinarians, dentists, educators, and more. Having grown up in Mayville, I was able to further develop relationships and bond with community members while I was a student. I was able to support the sporting events held at MSU and get to know several student athletes. I was also a member of the Science Club,” said Danielle.

Danielle’s connection to Mayville State remains strong. Her daughter, Noelle, is currently pursuing a degree in education at Mayville State. She plays volleyball and represents the fourth generation of their family to attend Mayville State.

“I continue to exude Comet Pride,” stated Erickson. “I feel like I’m ‘coming home’ when I attend events at the university, whether it’s a sporting event or a fundraising alumni event. One day I hope to continue my education at Mayville State and earn my master’s degree in education.”