The Mayville State alumni of Pembina County/Hoople recently completed their annual fund-raiser for scholarships. Funds raised will be used to supply scholarship assistance for students from the Pembina County/Hoople area who attend Mayville State. In order to receive a scholarship, awardees must have graduated from North Border, Cavalier, Drayton, St. Thomas, or Valley-Edinburg High Schools.

Mayville State students who will receive scholarships during the 2016-2017 academic year are seniors Krista Zidon from Edinburg, N.D. and Leighanna Helgoe from Cavalier, N.D.; and juniors Emmalee Hall from Pembina, N.D., Abbie O’Hara from Cavalier, N.D., and Austin Volk from Pembina, N.D.

Mayville State alumni who assisted with the calendar raffle scholarship fund-raiser were Garnet Furstenau, Barb and Pat Mahar, Mandy Heuchert, JoDee Dungan, Doug Anderson, Anna Mertz, and Ann Kraft from Cavalier; Cleone Whelan, Steve Kristjanson, Faye Ramsey, and Shelley Erlendson from Crystal; Mark Olson and Butch Leedahl from Grafton and Hoople; Joe and Nancy Defoe in Neche and Pembina; Murph Thompson from Drayton; Bernie Kopf and Teresa Bjornstad from Walhalla; and Brent Baldwin from St. Thomas. Kelly Morrison sold tickets in Mayville-Portland.

Since 1993, the Mayville State Alumni of Pembina County/Hoople have raised $79,100 which has been awarded to 216 scholarship recipients. The group has been extremely supportive in assisting with numerous special events and drives that benefit Mayville State University and its students, including the annual Farmers Bowl Auction, Tables du Jour fund-raiser for music scholarships, the Annual Fund Drive, Northern Lights Art Gallery, general and endowed scholarships, and the Comet Athletic Club.

These alumni have also been very dedicated in attending and participating in homecoming festivities, the Fine Arts Series, and theater productions, and several of these alumni serve on Alumni Association and MSU Foundation boards and committees.

The Mayville State alumni of Pembina County/Hoople sponsored a meal celebrating the dedication of the Military Honor Garden at Mayville State last fall, as well as many other socials over the years. The Pembina County/Hoople Hospitality Room at Mayville State’s Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center was made possible through monetary contributions of this dedicated alumni group.

About 300 Mayville State alumni live in Pembina County/Hoople. This is the fifth-largest number of alumni living in a North Dakota county.