Kandy_Noles_Stevens-web.jpgKandy Noles Stevens, author, former Mayville, N.D. resident, and 1991 Mayville State University graduate, will discuss her new book, The Redbird Sings the Song of Hope: And Other Stories of Love Through Loss, at Mayville State University Nov. 28 and 29, 2016. Not your typical book about grief, the book is the perfect telling of what grieving people wish others knew.

Kandy Noles Stevens had two major dreams for most of her life: to be a mom and to be a teacher. Her dreams came true when she and her husband, Daniel, a 1994 Mayville State graduate, began their life and family in southwestern Minnesota. In the blink of an eye, everything in their world changed, when a school bus carrying three of their children was involved in a tragic crash. Their oldest son and three other children riding the bus were killed that day, and fourteen children were injured, including the Stevens’ two other children.

Through her grief journey, Kandy began to write about her family’s story and faith in their darkest days. Although she is a grieving mom, she describes herself as a science teacher by day and a superhero by night. True to her Southern roots, she has a story about everything. Sharing her life and its trials, Kandy’s down-home style of writing and speaking leaves audiences in tears, fits of laughter, or better yet, both.

In the book, Kandy Noles Stevens unapologetically explains what isn’t always helpful to the bereaved, but does so with grace and wit. Through her personal stories, she provides practical ideas about how to bring comfort to those who are hurting. In an engaging style, Kandy writes about real people, including some pretty colorful ones, who have loved her family in their darkest days. Infused in every page are hope-filled words of God’s faithfulness, including the sending of one redbird when her family needed it the most.

Noles Stevens will share a bit about her family’s story and the process of writing about their journey at a discussion planned for Monday evening, Nov. 28 at the Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center beginning at 7 p.m. She will have copies of The Redbird Sings the Song of Hope: And Other Stories of Love Through Loss available for sale and will be signing copies for those who are interested. The Edson and Margaret Larson Alumni and Leadership Center is located at the corner of Third Avenue and Stan Dakken Drive on the campus of Mayville State University. All are welcome!

Kandy will also make presentations for Mayville State University students at 11 a.m. Monday, Nov. 28 and at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29. Kandy’s topics will include grief – the thing polite people don’t talk about.

According to Noles Stevens, “Grief is a unique experience and it is often isolating. To make matters worse, grief is not a comfortable subject in Western civilization and even less so in a society where everything is available instantaneously. Much like having a package arrive from Amazon in two days with a Prime account, many want and expect to be ‘over it’ in just two days of bereavement leave.” Noles will explore how we might change this conversation.

Kandy will also discuss how those who are grieving are often left exhausted and weary. It is in those moments of weakness where strength of community can support those who feel depleted.

For more information about Kandy Noles Stevens’ visit to Mayville State, call 701-788-4750 or email alumni.mail@mayvillestate.edu.