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Mayville State agribusiness students (l-r) Gunnar Petersen, Kinsey Hanson, and Logan Krueger  were among those from Mayville State who attended the North Dakota Livestock Alliance Summit in Fargo on Jan. 30.

February 6, 2024

The Mayville State University Agribusiness Club was recently established for students who are interested in getting together to have fun, meet others interested in agriculture, and to gain more experience through field trips and hearing from invited guest speakers. The next meeting of the Agribusiness Club will be in February.

Mayville State Agribusiness Club officers are Gunnar Petersen, president; Sam Satrom, vice president; and Kinsey Hanson, secretary/treasurer. Co-chairs of the Agribusiness Club are Dr. Michael Kjelland, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Jeff Hovde, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Mayville State University students interested in agriculture are invited to attend the meetings and participate in the club. To get involved, email Dr. Kjelland, director of the Mayville State Agribusiness Program at or Jeff Hovde, coordinator of the Mayville State Agribusiness Program, at

“Our plan is to do more than talk about agribusiness. Our goal is to get out and experience the current topics and cutting-edge technology being implemented and to learn about what is being planned for the future,” said Dr. Kjelland. “I am a strong advocate of experiential learning, so this should be really interesting.”

Dr. Kjelland and some of his Mayville State agribusiness students attended the 5th Annual North Dakota Livestock Alliance Summit (2024) in Fargo on Jan. 30, 2024. There were many agricultural product vendors and a variety of speakers on topics ranging from pork production and swine fever to livestock finance programs and incentives, and even Farm Bureau health care coverage options.

“This was the first time I’ve attended this livestock summit. Event organizers were elated to see Mayville State University students participating,” said Kjelland.

“There will be more exciting events and opportunities to come for agribusiness students. I grow, you grow, we all grow,” said Dr. Kjelland.

The Agribusiness Program at Mayville State University now offers a variety of courses on campus and online. Check out the program at