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Division of Liberal Arts

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Office Location:  Classroom Building 122
Contact Email:  97,115,104,108,101,121,46,109,117,101,108,108,101,114,64,109,97,121,118,105,108,108,101,115,116,97,116,101,46,101,100,117
Phone:  55,48,49,45,55,56,56,45,52,54,50,57

Berglund, MatthewInstructor
Cormier, TravisLecturer of History
Dilivio, LynnAssociate Professor of Psychology
Domier, MandiLecturer
Henry, GlendonLecturer of Humanities
Hibbs, JasonLecturer of English
Johnson, DeraInstructor of Psychology
Mackovic, AimeeLecturer of English
Pederson, JohnProfessor of Humanities & Social Sciences
Petherbridge, StevenLecturer of English
Rotvold, ElliotLecturer of History
Smith, LonamaliaDivision Chair / Assistant Professor of Sociology
Sylskar, RobertAssociate Professor of Speech & English / Director of Theatre & Forensics
Ward, ByronInstructor of Music
Willman, MicheleLecturer of English
Wuori, MistiInstructor of Sociology