Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the "Staff Senate of Mayville State University."

Article II: Authority and Mission

  1. Authority
    • The Staff Senate was established with the encouragement and approval of the President of Mayville State University on April 12, 1996. 
  2. Mission
    • The Staff Association is established to be a representative body of classified employees, officers of the institution, and all other permanent employees who are not members of the faculty association and, as such, to recommend to the University Administration proposals designed to improve the status of all employees, aforementioned.
    • The Association shall strive to promote communication between the President, Vice Presidents and all employees of Mayville State University. 
  3. Objectives and Purposes
    • Mayville State University's Staff Association shall serve the following objectives and purposes:
      1. To Gain a spirit of unity, pride, and cooperation by being recognized equally with the faculty and students as participating in advising University administration. 
      2. To be an active communication link for meaningful information exchange between staff and administration relative to issues of mutual concern.
      3. To provide open meetings to express, propose, represent, investigate, debate, and recommend action on issues, which, on majority approval, bear the authority of a responsible voice in University affairs.
      4. To provide an opportunity to be advisory in the administration of working and employment conditions and practices, including recognition, compensation, and other permanent issues.
      5. To involve democratically chosen staff representatives in the operation of the University and to increase awareness of interrelating problems and opportunities. 

Article III: Membership

    • Members of the Association shall be all classified personnel, officers of the institution, and all other permanent employees who are not members of the faculty association. 
    • The Staff Senate shall consist of 10% of the Association elected in accordance with the Staff Association and Senate Bylaws. 

Article IV: Officers

    • Officers of the Association shall be officers of the Senate which consists of a President, the immediate Past President, a Vice President/President Elect, and a Secretary-Treasurer.

Article V: Bylaws

    • The Association may adopt or amend such bylaws as may be required for the accomplishment of it's purposes.  The bylaws will be reviewed annually. 

Article VI: Amendments to the Constitution

A.  Proposals for emending the Constitution may be initiated by: 

    1. the President of the University;
    2. three voting members of the Staff Officers;
    3. five voting members of the Senate; or
    4. petition signed by approximately five percent of the Association as defined in Article III of this Constitution.
B.  Amendments shall be approved by a simple majority (51%) of all members of the Staff Association and the President of the University.