400 Series - Academic Affairs

401.1 Academic Freedom
M401.1 Academic Freedom
M401.3 Political Campaigning and Advocacy Activities on the Campus
M402 Admission Policy
MP402.1 Admission Procedure - Admission Application
M402.1.1 Admission Policies - Standardized Test Scores 
MP402.1.1 Admission Procedure - Non-Degree Applicant
M402.1.2 Admission Policies - Student Placement into College Level Courses
MP402.2 Admission Procedure - First Year Applicants
M402.3 Admission Policies - Home Educated Applicants
MP402.4 Admission Procedure - Transfer Applicants
MP402.5 Admission Procdure - Former Students
M402.5.1 Admission Policies - Academic Fresh Start
MP402.6 Admission Procedure - Graduate Degree Applicants
MP402.9 Admission Procedure - International Students
M402.9.1 International Transfer Policy
M402.11 Admission Policies - Freshmen Applicants without High School Diploma
M403.1.2 Purpose and Requirements for Academic Program Review
M403.7 Articulation, Credit by Exam and Statewide Agreements
404.1 Distance Education Program Approval
406 Academic Calendars
407 Reverse Transfer
409 Degrees Offered
410 Responsible Conduct of Research 
411 Admission
412 Transfer of Credits
413 Course Placement
420 Accreditation
421 Academic Program Requests
430 Honorary Degrees
431 Emeritus Status
M430.2 Emeritus Status
432 Posthumous Degrees
M430.3 Posthumous Degree
440 Enrollment Reporting
441 Degree Credit, Non-Degree Credit and Non-Credit Instructional Activity
M441 The Credit Unit 
M450 MSU University Catalog (located on MSU Website)
M451 Academic Catalog Changes
460 Transfer and Test Credit Agreements
461 Digital Literacy
469 College Credit in High School
M490 Faculty Responsibilities and Relationships
M490.1 Academic Division Dean and/or Chair
M491 Library Services
M492 Final Examination Policy