Athletic & Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame Dinner

Oct 03rd 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
MSU Campus Center Luckasen Room - Stan Dakken Drive, Mayville, ND

Join in honoring the 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame and Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame inductees. The 1960-61 basketball team, Richard Fugleberg, Ross Johnson, Travis Lindberg, and Lindsey (Eliason) McMenamy will be inducted into the MSU Athletic Hall of Fame. Rod MacDonald, Fabian Shoults, Curtis Strand, and Paul Twenge will each be inducted into the Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame during the dinner program. This event will also be the site of a reunion of ALL Mayville State Athletic and Athletic Coaches Hall of Fame members.

Members of the 1960-61 basketball team were Gil Herbel, Ray Herbel, Gene Anderson, Don Ostenson, Larry Wold, Doug Eiken, Dale Keena, Doug Halcrow, Vern Spitzer, Ross Julson, Don McIntyre, Vern Wegge, Duane Morris, and Grady Rosberg.

Tickets sell for $20 each and can be purchased at or by contacting the MSU Foundation at 701-788-4687 or

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