Andinacion Concert

Apr 04th 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Classroom Building Auditorium - Stan Dakken Drive, Mayville, ND

Luis Munoz is a Swedish citizen who was born and raised in Chile. His musical training includes: Ljungskile Music Academy. Academy of Music and Drama, and the Royal Music Academy, all located in Sweden. He plays wind instruments like Quena Zampona, Cuatro Venezolano, and Charango. These instruments are native from the Andean region. Luis has performed with Lecheburre, Grupo Huara (Chile), Andinacion, Corazonada, Golbang, Alban Faust-jorge, Alcaide, Daniel Reed, johan Bjorklund, Jenny Almsenius, Charlie Storm, Euriadne, and Fishermanand. He currently teaches at Vittra School in Gothenburg, Sweden and continues to be a freelance musician and lecturer at different universities in Sweden.

Jose Trelles is a Swedish citizen who was born and raised in Peru. He graduated in 2004 from the World Music Program at Gothenburg University. He plays chromatic, diatonic pan flude and several other flutes from around the world. His interest in improvisation of world music has taken him to India, Where he studied classical indian Music. Josue has performed and conducted workshops in India, Iraz, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Child, Peru, and United States. in Sweden, he has been part of the cultural movement in which is he a promoter of integrating international music to the Swedish culture. he is currently attending the teaching education program at Gothenburg University and is a full-time music teacher at Lovgardeskoian in Angered Gothenburg.