Campus Living

Campus living


College is a lot like home, except with all sorts of freedom.

They say college is the most fun you'll ever have. We say it's just the beginning. And it starts right here on campus. Living in campus residence halls (link) and sharing in our close campus community is the foundation for living on your own and being an active part of the larger community. But more than that, it's the chance to find out who you are, to start setting a few of your own rules and to really make a home for yourself.

Lifelong Friendships

Living on campus gives you the chance to meet tons of new people and develop lasting friendships. Hey, you live with these people—you get to know them. Campus residents also have the opportunity to take part in all sorts of RHA (Residence Hall Association) events.

Dependable Staff

Each hall is home to adult and student staff members who are available to all residents, any hour of the day. They're here to offer advice, to help you find needed resources, or simply if you want someone to talk to.


Safety and security is a number-one priority for all of our halls and apartments, and you (and your parents) can rest comfortably knowing there's a staff of security and residence hall staff keeping an eye on things.

No Hidden Costs

Everything is covered by your housing plan—utilities, Internet access, cable TV—it's all included in our housing rates.

Special Events

There's always something going on, from dances, game nights and our annual Super Bowl party, to spirited group discussions of current campus events and issues. It's a great way to meet people and, in the case of our group discussions, a way to lead change on campus.

Better Grades

Research has proven that students who live on campus earn a higher GPA than students who live off-campus. Why? They're more likely to be involved, and that's what college is all about.


When you live on campus, you're close to class, the library, the dining center and all other campus resources. It's just easier to get around.

No Commuting

Parking is free for all residence hall students. Free. Plus, you get a guaranteed parking space, so you're saving time as well as money.

Choice of meal plans

14-Meal Plan - This plan includes 14 meals per week, Sunday through Saturday. It also includes $50 worth of Comet Cash to spend as you wish at the campus snack bar.

10-Meal Plan - This plan includes 10 meals per week, Sunday through Saturday. It also includes $50 worth of Comet Cash to spend as you wish at the campus snack bar.

5-Meal Plan - This plan includes five meals per week for commuters or upperclassmen.

Comet Cafe - This contract provides $400 worth of spending power per semester to be used at the Comets Landing Snack Bar or MSU Dining Services.