Early Entry (Dual Credit)

Yes! You can earn college credit while still in high school!

You can earn college credit in high school while developing advanced communication skills and making the transition to college easier. These are just a few of the benefits of enrolling in a dual credit course as an early entry student. Don't delay. Enroll in a dual credit course and get a jump start on your college degree. Click here for more information.

What is dual credit?

Through the Mayville State's dual credit program, qualified high school students are able to enroll in specifically approved classes taught in their local high schools, online, or through interactive video. They receive "dual credit," both high school and university credit for their work. Dual credit gives motivated, college-bound high school students the opportunity to get a jump start on college by earning college credit before attending on a full-time basis. Credit earned under this program will be applicable toward a degree at Mayville State and is generally transferable to other accredited colleges and universities.

Who can take dual credit courses?

Any high school student enrolled in grades ten, eleven or twelve who has received permission from his or her school administrator, has a 3.0 GPA and meets any course placement or pre-requisite guidelines is eligible for enrollment in a Mayville State dual credit course. To enroll in ENGL 110 College Composition I, an ACT English sub-test score of 18 is required.  To enroll in MATH 103 College Algebra, an ACT Mathematics sub-test score of 21 is required.  Additional placement information can be found at the North Dakota University System website.

High school counselors and teachers may advise students regarding their academic readiness to participate in dual credit courses, and only those students who are academically ready should enroll in a dual credit course.

Dual credit scholarship program

This is a unique program that is only available to those students enrolled in dual credit high school courses offered through Mayville State. In order to qualify for the scholarship, students must have completed at least one Mayville State dual credit course in high school prior to their full time enrollment at Mayville State as a freshman in the fall semester after high school graduation. Students will earn scholarships equivalent to the cost of their dual credit tuition for their freshman year at Mayville State.  The scholarship will not exceed the amount of $2000.

Dual Credit Scholarship Factsheet

What Will It Cost?

Mayville State dual credit course costs are listed below:

Costs for 2015-2016 Per Credit Per 3-credit course
Tuition Costs $120.53 $361.59

How Do I Register?

Complete the Mayville State Dual Credit Enrollment Agreement , ParentAgreement__2015-2016.pdf and MSU Application for Admission. Instructions for completing the online MSU Application for Admission are available here. When completing these forms, please be sure to include the course title and course number exactly as they appear on the listing of dual credit courses found here.

Submit the forms above, along with your one-time application fee of $35.00, to:

Office Extended Learning
Mayville State University
330 Third Street NE
Mayville, ND 58257

Will the credits transfer?

Credits received for dual credit courses appear on your Mayville State transcript as regular college credit. All dual credit courses can be equally transferred to any college or university within the North Dakota University System. Dual credit courses will generally transfer to other institutions as well; however, it is up to the receiving institution to determine how the credits will be accepted.

 Dual Credit Factsheet

Early Entry Students

Early entry students interested in taking MSU courses not eligible for dual credit will need to submit a letter from a high school principal or superintendent allowing enrollment in college courses prior to high school graduation.

For More Information:

Mindy O'Connor
Freshman Admissions Specialist