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 2012 Graduate of Mayville State • Degree in Early Childhood Education

  Pre-school/Head Start teacher at Mayville State University Child Development Programs

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Early Childhood Education

MSU's Early Childhood Education program is designed to meet the needs of non-traditional students who are currently employed in the field of early childhood education. You'll be prepared to make an impact in the lives of children from birth to age 8 after completing the program. Graduates will also be eligible to apply for a birth to third grade teaching license. The program takes full advantage of distance learning opportunities to provide flexibility. To ensure the high standards of the program, you will enroll in classes on campus during two summer sessions. The balance of the program course requirements can be completed online or by arrangement. If you already have a B.A. degree in early childhood education or a B.S.Ed degree in elementary education, you'd be able to transfer much of your course work into this program.

Elementary Education

Elementary education is the first state of the education process, where the goal is to teach students basic literacy and numeracy. Educators at this level provide students with the basic foundation in courses such as reaching, mathematics, science, geography and history. Students may also be involved in music courses and physical education in order to receive an active and well-rounded education. Elementary school teachers prepare young students for future schooling and guide them through the learning process.

Secondary Education

Secondary education involves students within the middle school to high school age range. Those who have degrees in secondary education often become teachers or administrators in a middle school or high school environment. A bachelor's degree in secondary education includes broad-based coursework in education. Teaching techniques, curriculum development and related topics are covered in this program. Those who have completed an undergraduate degree in education may seek a more specialized graduate degree in secondary education. This course of study will be more rigorous and will expound on the knowledge gained with an undergraduate degree. There is a high demand for professionals with degrees in these settings, making this the perfect time to pursue a secondary education degree. Mayville State offers secondary education degrees in composite biology, composite chemistry, composite social science, English, geography, health, history, mathematics and physical education.

Special Education

The goal of the special education program is to prepare teacher candidates for entry to special education professional practice with the knowledge and skills to practice safely, ethically and effectively with a multicategorical population of students with special needs. The program consists of a double major in professional education (early childhood, elementary or secondary) and special education as candidates must master appropriate core academic subject matter as well as be prepared for the complex challenges of teaching individuals with exceptional learning needs. The skills of general educator and special educator complement each other, and as such, dual certification is a goal of this program.  *Pending approval for licensure from ESPB.


The goal of Mayville State University's Psychology program is to inform students of the science and practice involved with the description, explanation and prediction of human behavioral, mental and social processes. Scholarly inquiry of strategies aimed at fostering change and stability are additional areas of training. This program complements studies in Education, Health Education, Science, Social Science and Business.

Library Media and Information Science

The Library Media and Information Science program supports the University mission by preparing professionally trained librarians for school, public, academic, or special libraries. The primary mission of the Library program is to provide students with skills necessary to meet rapid changes in the highly technical world of libraries


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