Health, Phys Ed & Recreation


 2009 Graduate of Mayville State • Degree in Physical Education

 Physical Education Teacher and Coach at Central High School, Grand Forks, N.D.


Physical Education

Mayville State's Physical Education program, with its recommended minor in developmental adapted physical education and/or coaching, will prepare you for a career in teaching and coaching. Mayville State is respected throughout the region for preparing quality teachers. With a major in physical education, you'll be eligible to seek K-12 certification and you can tailor your coaching minor to emphasize the sports that interest you most.


Fitness & Wellness

Make your mark in the world as a graduate of MSU's Fitness & Wellness program. You'll have an opportunity to impact the lives of people of all ages in your role as a fitness and wellness professional. With this degree, you'll be equipped as a knowledgeable instructor who can provide safe and rewarding experiences for others through personal training, fitness testing, exercise prescription, development and implementation of health and fitness programs and designing and instructing group exercise programs.



Health is an ever-changing condition of well-being, influenced by intellectual, occupational, social, emotional, physical and spiritual factors. As a student in Mayville State's Health/Health Education programs, you'll enjoy learning experiences that encourage and facilitate the development of healthy behaviors and lifestyles as you prepare yourself to teach others about healthy living. Mayville State's Health/Health Education programs prepare you to establish a broad foundation from which you can enter into many facets of the field of health, teach health in schools or further your education at the graduate level.


Health Education Majors

Fitness Majors

Health Education Minors

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