Mayville State provides a variety of testing services for students and members of the general public who need to complete standardized testing procedures. Following are some of those services.


Students who are making formal application into an education major must complete PRAXIS I or Pre Professional Skills Tests (PPST). The PPST is generally taken during the same term that the student enrolls in EDUC 250 - Introduction to Education, although it may also be taken or re-taken at any time.

Other testing centers in the area offer the PPST on other dates and computer administered versions of the exam are available at Prometric Testing Services in Fargo, ND. Contact information is: 901 28th St. S; Fargo, ND 58103; Phone 701-356-9000.

PRAXIS II exams are required for licensure in the state of North Dakota, as well as many other states. Students generally complete the Principles of Teaching and Learning exam and a subject matter exam during the senior year. For information about testing dates and registration, consult the Educational Testing Service (ETS) web site at www.ets.org.

CLEP and Advanced Placement Credit and Exams

Students who have completed certain College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school and who have earned a minimum score of 3 on the Advanced Placement Examinations will be awarded college credit for those courses available at Mayville State. Examination scores must be forwarded directly from CEEB.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is one of the accepted means by which a student may establish college credit. It is a national program that affords the student an opportunity to obtain college recognition for his/her formal or informal preparation prior to attending college. Mayville State University will permit thirty semester credit hours toward any four-year program, including CLEP and/or life experience credits. A student must be enrolled at Mayville State University to receive CLEP credit. Students may not take CLEP subject exams after enrolling in that course. Students who wish to participate in the CLEP program must pay a testing  fee to ETS/CLEP for each examination completed. Contact Student Services Office in Main Building 107 for additional information.

Consult the Mayville State University Catalog for information about which Advanced Placement and CLEP tests are accepted.

Test Proctoring Services

Current MSU students, as well as other members of the community may need test proctoring services for distance or other courses taken from other campuses. The following guidelines have been established for test proctoring:

· MSU students who request proctoring of tests for distance courses from other institutions would not be charged for this service.Non MSU students who request proctoring of tests for distance courses from other institutions would be charged $20 for each course, to be paid in advance of the first testing time.· Test proctoring will occur during regular office hours and students must plan to have completed tests by the close of the proctor's business day, unless specifically arranged in advance with the test proctor.· Proctoring of tests must be arranged at least one week in advance.· Guidelines established by the host institution or instructor will be followed when proctoring tests.

A list of available test proctors will be maintained, to include staff in Academic Support Services, the Counseling Center and the Library. Students should contact a staff member if one of these offices for more information.