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The writing center has trained staff who work with you individually on your writing projects. Writing consultants have diverse educational backgrounds and specialize in looking at writing from various disciplines. 


 WCbetty.jpgHi—my name is Betty Hurst! I grew up devoted to learning words and reading stories, so it wasn’t long before I developed a passion for writing.  I am currently majoring in English and History Education because I love words and learning the stories of the past. I love reading, writing, golfing, fishing, and discussing the impending zombie apocalypse.


WCbrady.jpgMy name is Brady Eichelberger, and I am sophomore pursuing a major in English Education. I’m also pursuing a minor in communications and coaching. My plan is to teach high-school level English, focusing on grammar and literature. I plan to possibly coach on the side as well.

IMG_20130130_114051.jpgHi, my name is Chrystal Nelson! I am double majoring in English and History Education. I am currently a writing consultant at the Mayville State University Writing Center. I enjoy vocabulary and learning new words. I am also a certified Baking and Pastry Chef—yes, I love to bake!


WCshelby.jpgMy name is Shelby Mullivan, and I am pursuing a degree in English Education. I hope to pursue a career in teaching overseas, maybe even join the Peace Corps. I have an interest and passion in reading and helping people.


IMG956855.jpgHi, my name is Sarah Gandari and I am a junior international student here at MSU. My major is Social Science and I am minoring in Psychology. One interesting fact about me is I can speak four languages.


WCtori.jpgHello! I am Tori Thoreson, and I'm currently a sophomore at Mayville State University. As of right now, I am undecided on my major, but I keep waffling between biology and medical laboratory science. My places of employment are the MSU Writing Center and Luther Memorial Home. While I'm not studying, working, or sleeping, you may find me working out or in cheerleading practice. 

IMG_20130926_105824.jpgMy name is Leigh Dean, an international student from Australia and writing consultant at Mayville State University. At Mayville I am majoring in Communications with a minor in Business Administration. In the future I hope to combine my love of sport and passion for writing to become a sports journalist. 

IMG_20130131_163748.jpgMy name is Erin Kunz, Director of the Writing Center and Instructor of English. I received my BA and MA in English from UND, and I am currently working on my PhD in Educational Foundations and Research. In my free time, I like to read and write (go figure), play tennis and pickleball, catch up on Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix, and play with my adorable puppy, Sydney. 



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