Alcohol & Other Drugs

Alcohol Tobacco & Other Drug Committee (ATOD)

Mission: To reduce substance abuse and related negative health and safety consequences among MSU students through the development and coordination of assessment-based prevention efforts, the promotion of college and community environmental factors that support health and safe norms and collaboration in campus and community partnerships.






  • To provide an environment with numerous and varied alcohol-free options
  • To create a social, academic, and residential environment that supports health-promoting norms.
  •  To promote an environment where alcohol consumption is restricted
  •   To promote an environment where alcohol promotion and marketing is restricted




  •  Increase Student Involvement in Prevention Efforts
  •  Develop consistency in ATOD Marketing of Information
  •  Continue/Increase Weekend Activities on Campus
  •  Create and Implement Training for Staff and Faculty on Alcohol Issues
  •  Increase Coordination and Communication with Enforcement Agencies