Other Education Resources

Career Corner Blog

Career Advice and Insights for navigating the K-12 job market.

Low Income Schools Eligible for Perkins Cancellation

Search for public and private nonprofit elementary & secondary schools where perkins loans will be cancelled if you teach at one of these schools.

Minnesota Department of Education

Resources related to Minnesota public education. Contains information on the Minnesota graduation standards.

N.D. Department of Public Instruction

A variety of resources related to public education.

National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse

Allows individuals to search for teaching vacancies through several online job banks. users can also utilize this site for information on how to become a teacher, teachers salaries, links to state departments of education, and tips on how to make your search successful.

No Child Left Behind

No Child Left Behind Act.

Overseas Placement Service for Educators

Connects international K-12 schools with certified educators year round.


The REAP system is a national educational recruiting services that is available to anyone interested in educational employment.

Teach for America

National teacher corps for under-resourced urban and rural public schools.


Allows individuals to electronically post their resumes and receive e-mail when vacancies match their registered interests.


Teacher users contribute content.  Chatboards, Lesson Plans, Classroom Projects, and more.

U.S. Department of Education

Thousands of educators, policy makers, parents, students, researchers, and other citizens with a stake in education visit the U.S. Department of Education site each week.