Off Campus Housing Policy

Off-campus Housing Policy

Effective with the fall semester 2011, all freshman and sophomore students who are less than 21 years of age, or who do not meet any of the exemptions, are required to live in an approved residence hall. Under no circumstances should students acquire off-campus housing without first securing permission from the Director of Student Life. The Student Life Office will ascertain the residency status of each student and request documentation to verify a student’s eligibility to live off-campus. Students who wish to seek an exemption from this on-campus housing policy should first contact the Director of Student Life. The office of the Director of Student Lifeis located in Campus Center 103.

Additional exemptions may be authorized by the Director of Student Life based on guidelines established by the Residence Life Subcommittee, including students with specific medical or health conditions and students who will become 21 years of age during the term. Students who are found to be in violation of the MSU Housing policy may be subject to fines and/or room charges. Students who do not qualify for an exemption to this policy may appeal to the Residence Life Subcommittee. Students who request an exemption to the housing policy must do at least three weeks prior to the end of the semester. Failure to submit a request and required documentation will subject the student to room and board charges for the semester.

Contact the Student Life Office (CC 103) for additional details. Housing contracts are signed each year by students planning to live in residence halls and off campus. The contract is a legal document explaining the University’s policies as well as its expectations of students. Standard procedures and regulations concurring residence hall living are contained in the contract. Housing contracts are in force for an academic year. Students are held responsible for fulfilling the contract terms.


Off Campus Housing Form