What's being said about the Theatre?

Samantha Agnes DeLong ('11):

My favorite thing about the theater is all of the friends you make. I have met so many people through the theater. A lot of those people have become friends that I will have forever! MSU Theater is a fun way to get involved and make memories to last a lifetime!

Jay Krogstad ('10):

My favorite Mayville State memory is doing Oklahoma in 2009. I feel that the cast of Oklahoma was the closest cast I was ever involved in. It just felt like everyone got along great even if we didn't know each other before. We all grew to be close friends. Oklahoma brought out the best in everyone. I got to work with people I never thought I would be able to work with.

Kathy Halley ('86):

MSU Theater was an experience in itself. Meeting and acting with new people, kissing men of the cloth twice your age passionately (during the play "Damn Yankees"), and having to change your clothes in front of Dr. Jones while he says, "Honey, you can change your clothes in front of me, you just aren't my type!" These are experiences that will last a lifetime.

Jenessa Grimm Gayheart (ex, '94):

Creating costumes for the drama department around 1994-95 is still one of my fondest MSU memories. There were so many possibilities with all of those fabrics and old clothing! I recall that for "Shakespeare's Ladies" I had to make a costume for each of the eight ladies. I didn't read the script but was familiar with the various characters. It wasn't until after I had made the billowing black and yellow that I found out that due to her sudden and biting verbal attacks, she is actually referred to as a "wasp" in the play!

The Old Main attic is also the only place that I have been guilty of vandalism. Without asking any authority, and with the help of a friend, I painted some spontaneous murals along the walls up the stairs, footprints on the stairway. In the attic, I spent many hours sitting on the table with my sewing machine called Francois, and listen to Seal or Alice in Chains via CASSETTE as loudly as possible in the middle of the night, sewing for the next performance.