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Training Topics for Fall 2012

Training dates and times will be announced via email and digital signage. A calendar will be available on the Instructional Technology web page.

Blackboard (Bb) Collaborate

Web Conferencing Series

Session 1: Introduction to Bb Collaborate and the principles of web conferencing.

Session 2: Experience a Bb Collaborate web conference and learn how to apply the principles learned in Session 1.

Mobile Learning (mLearning)

The theme for this semester's mentor workshops is mLearning. Workshops will be division-based to facilitate the customization of the information. Each session will focus on mLearning in higher education with best practices and highly usable "take-aways" tailored to each content area:

Demonstration and discussion of Windows 8 and its implications for higher education.

How do we define "mobile device"? What mobile devices are commonly used on our campus?

Why mobile learning? Why do we need to consider mobile learning differently than other instructional strategies?

Discussion and examples of how each content area can use mLearning with the technology to which we currently have access, i.e. Moodle, Bb Collaborate, and Tegrity.

Moodle 2 - first 30 minutes of each session will be a topic chosen by the attendees ("User's Choice"). Please be sure to RSVP with your topic so we can be prepared!

1. Navigation & My Private Files

2. Flashcards

3. Discussion Forums

4. Books

5. Lesson

6. Workshop

7. Quizzes and Groupings

8. Repeat one of the topics above as needed

Tegrity - NDUS supported lecture capture software

Introduction to Tegrity and how to use it to facilitate learning.

Le Tour de MSU – Individualized learning opportunities

Once a month, Sheena and I will visit you in your offices ready to answer any technology question you may have. We will send out an email in the morning asking you to be prepared with questions when you see us. Any technology topic is fair game, but we would like to focus on the technologies we use; Tegrity, Blackboard Collaborate and Moodle and TaskStream.

TaskStream – Assessment management software

Instructor Training

Chair and Coordinator Training